Understanding the Power of Motivation

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For many people working a regular 9 to 5 job, motivation is like an ice cube. It builds up with effort, only to have it melt away as you get lost in the daily struggles of life. That’s why, as a business leader, you need to take steps to improve morale.

In life, thousands of alternatives compete for our time and attention. But what moves us to take one path or another? It is always the initiative of each person, but what is this initiative based on? It's based on motivation.

Research by PLOS ONE shows that meaningful work and motivation are related in multiple ways. The study shows leaders should deliberately influence how employees think about their work.

Motivation is when we decide to take a path or choose to take a resolution different from the problem in which we are immersed, always with the idea of ​​obtaining better results or only because it makes us feel good and contributes to our well-being.

Motivation is essential in all aspects of human life and a tool widely used:

- Work motivation: it improves our professional status, helps us achieve our individual and group goals, or exceed our economic expectations. Our work motivation helps us contribute to our field of work more powerfully and professionally. Over the years, work motivation can start to lose its sizzle, and it takes effort to stay motivated and do a good job, which is why new leaders are investing in using motivational techniques so that the working group they lead can be more productive at the same time how efficient

- Motivation in the family: motivating ourselves to improve our relationships with members of our family will bring us well-being and reinforce stability when we face possible problems or conflicts.

Managing to face conflict from another point of view provides a more peaceful environment where problems can be discussed and addressed.

- Personal motivation or self-motivation: is to perform new activities to feel useful, plan a trip, or sign up for language classes, yoga, painting, cooking, and more. Developing new skills provide motivation focused on a different activity that will expand our mind in new ways. New skills broaden our abilities and confidence overall. Also, it helps us influence crises or other challenges in life.

No doubt, motivation is essential for achieving our personal goals as well as for developing self-confidence. But, in today’s world, motivation is often hard to come by. How do you get yourself out of bed and focus on the things that matter in life?

Below are some tips to stay pumped up and motivated:

Reconnect with what is important to you. With so much competing for our attention, we can lose track of our real priorities. Take time to remember what matters to you and spend time with those activities and people

Let your purpose guide you. To avoid being consumed by stressful outcomes, always focus on the meaning and main objectives of your work. When your intention is clear, obstacles that get in your way are more easily overcome.

Let your sense of humor sustain you. There is no better way to beat burnout than by learning to take yourself lightly in stress. Too often, we tend to personalize pressure, and it impacts our perspective and ability to work through fear. Sustaining a positive attitude will make you more buoyant.

As a funny motivational speaker, I get to see how humor transcends stress and boosts morale and teamwork all the time. 

A motivational speech is by far the best way to cheer employees up and connect with teams in a way that will last. Never be afraid to stand up and share your passion and ideas with others. This positive momentum makes a big difference.



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