Motivational Speech Template to Congratulate Your Team

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Strong leaders constantly need to keep pumping up their team with inspiration and appreciation. However, you may run out of ideas on what to say. Feel free to use this short motivational speech below to help you congratulate your team. Customize the template with specific examples to amplify the message and make it more personalized.

example of short motivational speech

We have come a long way. 
Sometimes it may feel like you work hard and it is not appreciated but be assured that your journey, your achievements and your value is noticed.
We see you working long hours. Sometimes staying past 7 PM to complete those quarterly reports (add specific examples).
We see you pulling together as a team as resources keep being pulled away from you. 
We see you giving up precious time with your family to give that time to our cause.
Note: Repeating a phrase (We See You) is a powerful rhetorical device.
None of this goes unnoticed. Although some days feel like an uphill battle, we have come a long way. The progress we have made has paved the way for future success and resiliency (add specific examples).
We are succeeding in ways that 20 years ago, we never could have imagined. Our work doesn't just enrich our own lives, but it enriches our community and our customers.
Every day your team benefits from your creativity, your hard work, your intelligence and your leadership. That is why all of us keep on striving to care and to do the work. You do it because you know your team relies on you and you won't let them down. Your team is there for you too, even when you drive them crazy.
Think about how hard we have worked to get to where we are now.
Together we are achieving great things. The work we do matters. We are proud of who we are.
So tomorrow and the next day and in the future, when you feel discouraged or exhausted, which you will remember what we have achieved and lean in on your team for support.
Let them make you even hungrier to succeed. Thank you for honoring our work with your commitment to service. 

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