Motivational Speech to Know your Worth

Many people are incredibly talented, and they don't even know it.


There​ are so many ingredients for the perfect event. The right venue, a good ...

Write a Speech on Hope. Never Give Up

It's impossible not to be influenced by someone else's emotional state. When ...

How are you feeling? Really.

Emotional Scientist and Keynote Speaker Dr Marc Brackett says our emotions have ...

How to Create a ​Keynote Speaker​ Shortlist

Is there such a thing as too many keynote speakers? Maybe so! But, sometimes, ...

How To Show Off Your Developing Leadership Skills

Some professionals never aspire to leadership positions or any significant ...

Impact of a Corporate Alcohol Policy on Employee Morale

Janice has been in sales for over 40 years.

You’re Being Too Hard on Yourself

Is it good to always be hard on yourself? No. But yes. Remember, every good ...

3 things to Expect from a Difficult Boss

Craig is an emotional tyrant. 

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