Hire a speaker who inspires results

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Hire a speaker who inspires results

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Live & Virtual events need to push your people past their day to day problems and help audiences surpass limitations.

Being in a room full of your colleagues naturally provokes a desire for growth. Capitalize on this passion and ignite industry leaders.

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Let's Bring the WOW

Factor to your Next Event

It all starts with finding the right keynote plenary speaker.

Bring Your Next Event to Life

Why choose Jody?

Our Philosophy is simple when creating a compelling keynote for your event.
Each keynote is uniquely crafted following our E.C.R. Formulae:



Today we are bombarded with information and audiences burn out from content overload. A keynote is an anchor for your event and needs to be engaging. Jody carefully crafts a keynote around humor, memorable analogies, stand up comedy and audience interaction.She doesn't use PowerPoint, instead, her keynotes maximize audience engagement.


Cutting-Edge Content

Studies show audiences only remember a fraction of the content from any presentation. A keynote speech's content has to be carefully planned, researched and reinforced to maximize retention.Jody only uses cutting edge, relevant content catered to every crowd. The message is carefully reinforced to build retention



Audiences need to leave a keynote with momentum to change. Jody crafts every keynote around a strong call to action to compel people forward.

Ignite Industry Leaders

Energize your team and exceed business goals.

You need a keynote speaker for your event you know is







  • You deserve a keynote speaker who understands how important it is to get it right.
  • A top funny motivational speaker, Jody does not use PowerPoint. Her only requirement is a roaming microphone.
  • You need a keynote speaker who dedicates their time to focus on entertaining and lifting up your people, making them feel valued and appreciated instead of just pushing content at them.
  • Your people are too good for a mediocre event with a content dump, boring PowerPoint, and a keynote speaker they could've just watched on Youtube.

It’s very rare to have a speaker who
doesn’t use PowerPoint. Jody has a
way of being fully present in the room,
while engaging with every person in a
unique way.

Keep your audience listening for more

If your people aren't engaged, they aren't listening, which means they won't remember what's being taught. They need to laugh. Entertaining a crowd with more than just content, can keep them focused and less distracted.

Audiences need to be inspired.

We all know that work-life is hard.

It causes burn out, disgruntled-ness and lack of connection.
Show them the love they deserve by giving them an event they'll enjoy with a funny motivational speaker who:

  • works the room
  • encourages connection and eliminates distractions
  • combines stand up comedy and cutting edge content designed to build resilience and boost innovation

When people feel valued and encouraged by more than just content, it inspires momentum.


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Give them something enjoyable 

Top Female Motivational Speaker, Jody has the unique ability to connect with her audience in a way that makes them feel motivated, inspired and completely comfortable to laugh-out-loud with enthusiasm.


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Get a keynote speaker who knows how to work even the toughest crowd

Jody has the unique ability to connect with her audience in a way that makes them feel motivated, inspired and completely comfortable to laugh-out-loud with enthusiasm.

Having Jody at your next event is easy!


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Inspire Great Results

Put on an amazing event. Encourage and entertain so people leave wanting more!

Don't settle for a lackluster event

Plain, boring, and mediocre events should be a thing of the past.

People today need something more unique and entertaining to stay engaged and leave uplifted.
They need an event that will make the feel like they should.
Inspired, valued, appreciated and capable of taking on the world.

Jody can help you give your people what they deserve.


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Jody Urquhart is one of north America’s top keynote speakers. 

As an inspirational speaker, she draws from her experience as a former stand-up comedian. She delivers compelling keynotes and motivational words with lots of humor that makes the message memorable.

Jody is one of the most effective motivational keynote speakers because of her ability to craft keynotes following her ECR formulae: Engage, Cutting-Edge Content, and Results. She also applies the same principle as a virtual speaker for online events.

Motivated speakers must be engaging, professional, and unique. Jody possesses these traits, making her an ideal keynote speaker or virtual speaker who knows how to get it right. 

As a motivational keynote speaker, Jody doesn’t need or use PowerPoint. She only needs a roaming microphone. Her dynamism allows her to be a top inspirational speaker that can genuinely in real-time connect with her audience.

Your audience deserves keynote speakers to make the event more memorable and entertaining. Motivational keynote speakers like Jody are fully present and capable of engaging with every audience member uniquely. She’s also an effective virtual speaker that can inspire your audience and keep them listening for more.

Your choice of keynote speaker can make or break your event. Be sure to choose motivational keynote speakers who entertain and can even connect with your audience and deliver a powerful message that inspires them to take action. Contact Jody today.


1. What is a keynote speaker?

A keynote speaker is a person who delivers the primary or main speech or presentation at a conference, seminar, or event. The term "keynote" refers to the predominant theme or central idea that sets the tone for the entire event. Keynote speakers are often chosen for their expertise, knowledge, and ability to engage and inspire the audience.

Keynote speeches are typically delivered at the beginning of an event and are designed to captivate the audience, establish the key messages, and provide an overarching framework for the topics that will be discussed during the event.

Keynote speakers are often individuals who have achieved significant success, possess specialized knowledge in a particular field, or have a unique perspective to share. They may be industry leaders, experts, thought leaders, celebrities, or motivational speakers. Keynote speeches can cover a wide range of topics, including business, technology, leadership, personal development, innovation, social issues, and more.

2. What is the purpose of hiring a keynote speaker?

The primary goal of a keynote speaker is to inspire, educate, and entertain the audience, leaving them with valuable insights, new perspectives, and a sense of motivation. Their speeches are typically well-prepared, engaging, and delivered with charisma and authority to leave a lasting impact on the event participants. What does a motivated keynote speaker usually do?

3. Can anyone be a keynote speaker?

Technically, anyone has the potential to become a keynote speaker. However, being an effective keynote speaker requires a combination of skills, expertise, and experience. While some individuals may naturally possess qualities that make them excellent speakers, others may need to develop and refine their speaking abilities over time.

It's important to note that while anyone can aspire to become a keynote speaker, it may take time and effort to develop the necessary skills, expertise, and reputation. Continuous learning, practice, and seeking feedback can help you refine your speaking abilities and increase your chances of becoming a successful keynote speaker.

4. How do leadership speakers help careers?

Leadership speakers can play a significant role in helping individuals advance their careers by providing valuable insights, inspiration, and guidance.

Attending conferences, seminars, or workshops featuring leadership speakers can expose individuals to diverse perspectives, foster personal and professional growth, and provide a valuable platform for networking and career advancement. It's important to actively engage with the material presented, apply the lessons learned, and seek opportunities to implement newfound knowledge and skills in one's career.