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Motivational Speaker & Management Consultant Jody Urquhart

A highly sought-after funny motivational speaker and healthcare leadership recruitment and retention consultant Jody Urquhart is the author of All Work & No Say, a bestselling book that shattered assumptions that work can’t be rewarding and fun.

A top female motivational speaker and consultant, Jody Urquhart delivers Savvy, Uplifting and Funny advice to help your audience develop a buoyant, positive and meaningful perspective in the midst of stress and change.

A motivational speaker for over 20 years, Jody is a keynote speaker at over 75 organizations and associations every year. She consults with Fortune 500 healthcare organizations on recruitment and retention issues.

"Energizing, Inspiring, Funny Motivational Speaker!"
- Kim DeJean, Merck
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How to Hire A Motivational Speaker
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All Work & No Say Jody Urquhart Funny Motivational Speakers
Jody Urquhart's Book - All Work & No SAY

A highly sought-after funny motivational speaker, Jody Urquhart is the author of All Work & No Say, a bestselling book that shattered assumptions that work can’t be rewarding and fun.

All Work & No SAY offers practical, useable tools for motivating people like:

10 critical factors to captivate your workforce, boost morale, and increase productivity

Leadership and change tests to assess your current workplace

55 ways to make reward programs more fun and effective

Critical steps to creating a fun workplace... and much, much more.
Workshop ideas to engage an audience

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