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Female Motivational Keynote Speakers

It's tough planning the perfect event. Audiences today are very diverse, tech-savvy and expectations are high. Many audiences grow tired of seeing the same type of keynote speakers over and over again.

As a meeting planner, you want to offer them something that resonates with a diverse group, shakes up the status quo and creates a sense of urgency.

I speak at over 100 events a year, one of the reasons I am so busy is because I am a female motivational speaker

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Demand for Motivational Women Keynote Speakers

Corporate and association audiences are diverse, and they demand keynote speakers who are both male and female. I'm not sure if there are more male or female keynote speakers out there, but I know the demand for women motivational speakers has climbed.

Meeting planners often suggest that delegates crave agendas that speak to their diversity in the industry. In over 20 years, I have seen audiences evolve, and now any more women occupy every industry space.

In the workplace, men and women have diverse needs and challenges. It is true; we are very different. Studies show that women are more relationship and team-oriented, we also speak 13,000 more words in one day than the average man! Women consistently are faced with balancing work and life priorities.

Motivational women speakers can relate to the unique challenges faced by women and men.

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Motivational Women Speakers in a Male-Dominated Industry

I often have the opportunity to speak in male-dominated industries; the demand comes because they need to bring a female perspective to their work. Even when the industry is mostly male, women are part of the mix in terms of suppliers, administrative support, finances and more.

Depending on the audience, I use humor to playfully break the ice and help the group to relate to each other. Through audience interaction and stand up comedy we play with the pressure and stresses of the group to bring the room together with shared purpose.

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The dynamic in the room changes when an audience laughs together, they relax, and they learn more. Some male audiences need the levity.

Male-Dominated, Blue Collar audiences are great groups. Their work is so hands-on, they appreciate interactive experiences and down to earth humor. It is a unique dynamic created with a female speaker and a male-dominated, industrial audience. Playing with this dynamic can bring the audience together.

Over the years I have seen this particular niche grow.

Women in Leadership Positions

Women play a unique role in any work environment. At one leadership conference, a guest speaker suggested that most leaders individually decide in advance if they will hire a male of a female candidate. The primary reason senior leaders hire or promote women to leadership positions is their communication and relationship building skills. Women tend to value fairness, corporate responsibility, and gender diversity.

Although we know this on paper, women make up less than 5 percent of CEO positions.

I am a motivational speaker at over 15 women's leadership conferences every year. The topics and themes they cover are finding a work-life balance, stress management, women in leadership roles and more.
In a male-dominated event, these same themes would only make up a small portion of the agenda.

Perhaps the biggest struggle I see with men and women is just relating to and understanding each other. There is a saying, opposites attract, which means in relationships, find someone who has opposite qualities than you to create balance. However, I think men and women are different enough!

Humor and the Opposite Sex

As a funny female motivational speaker, I use comedy to bring a group together, and I have learned the hard way how Men and Women laugh at different things. Just like we prefer different clothes and foods, men and women have a different sense of humor.

In the end, people make you laugh, not jokes. It's always the delivery, timing and audience interaction that elicits laughter. Studies on humor show that people are funny to us because we like them. When the audience likes the motivational speaker, they are much more likely to laugh with them, even if they don't find them funny.

How do you get an audience to like you?

The easiest way is to get in synch with their sense of humor. Laugh at the things they like to laugh at and actively engage the audience through humor. When the audience feels they are a part of the fun and they relate to the examples, they let down their guard.

Women are wired for relationships. Motivational women speakers will engage with humor that involves relationships and communication. These can easily transcend a leadership message and elevate an audience.

How to Hire a Motivational Speaker

Types of Female Motivational Speakers:

Funny Female Motivational Speakers will use humor to engage an audience. Their craft is to combine relevant humor to get people to laugh, relax, create rapport, and learn. Studies show that when we laugh, we retain upwards of 40 percent more. We also recall humorous content more quickly and use it more readily.

Female Business Motivational Speakers help guide an audience to be more productive or useful. Often, Ex female ceos or entrepreneurs, their business background can provide valuable insight to leaders. A women's experience as a CEO is usually drastically different from a man. Thus, their perspective is unique.

Female Inspirational Speakers inspires audiences to find guidance and purpose in their lives. A lot of female motivational speakers fall into this category. Sharing their inspirational story of adversity and triumph helps build hope and direction for audiences. Hopefully, the lessons inherent in the talk help audiences apply it in their lives.
Female inspirational speakers are favorites at women's events.

Female Industry Speakers. A female keynote speaker may have the expertise or reputation in a field to share with others. This is natural draw for a meeting planner to boost attendance as many audiences will come just to hear the message or meet the speaker.

Female Leadership Motivational Speakers have a crafted leadership message. Naturally, because they are women, their message will resonate well with other women and help men understand women in a leadership role better.

Female Celebrity Motivational Speakers carry notoriety because of their reputation. A great draw to increase attendance, celebrity name recognition can enhance the credibility and popularity of an event.

People attend events for three reasons: the speakers, the networking, and the content. Choosing the right female motivational speaker can make or break your event. It helps to survey your audience to ask them what type of speaker they prefer at future events.

When you are hiring a motivational speaker, look for someone who has a unique message or delivery. Many motivational speakers share the same information in a very similar way. They end up being a commodity. The industry has changed a lot; we can all get information on the internet, recycled information is a thing of the past. A motivational speakers message has to be interesting, compelling, dynamic or funny.

Comb through motivational speaker demo videos and look for speakers with energy, passion, humor, unique delivery, interaction or an original message.

Today’s audiences are diverse, and they expect your speakers to be the same. Jody Urquhart is a good choice if you’re looking for a female motivational speaker to add to your current roster of keynote speakers. She is one of the most internationally recognized female keynote speakers with experience, comedy skills, and passion. She delivers the right message to hardworking diverse professionals.

With more women in the workplace, it makes sense to hire a female motivational speaker to balance your agenda. Men and women have diverse challenges and needs, and Jody can relate to their unique issues.

In male-dominated industries, having female keynote speakers can make a difference in delivering a genuine female perspective. Jody uses humour to break the ice playfully and encourage the audience to relate to each other. Using stand-up comedy and audience interaction, she can help audiences overcome stress and pressure to bring them together and share a purpose.

1. What do you mean by Female Motivational Speaker?

When we refer to a "female motivational speaker," we are specifically highlighting the gender of the speaker. A female motivational speaker is a woman who specializes in delivering motivational speeches and presentations. The term "female" simply indicates that the speaker identifies as a woman.

Female motivational speakers possess expertise, experiences, and insights that are relevant to women's experiences and challenges. They often address topics such as women's empowerment, leadership, career advancement, work-life balance, personal growth, and navigating gender-specific obstacles. They draw from their personal journeys, achievements, and lessons learned to inspire and motivate their audience.

It's important to note that the term "female motivational speaker" does not imply any limitations or exclusions. These speakers can inspire and motivate audiences of all genders and backgrounds. They bring unique perspectives, offer relatable stories, and provide guidance that resonates with women while also delivering valuable insights applicable to a broader audience.

Choosing a female motivational speaker can be particularly relevant in contexts where gender-specific issues, experiences, and perspectives are a primary focus or concern. It ensures that the speaker's expertise aligns with the needs and goals of the event or audience, providing a relatable and inclusive experience for attendees.

2. Do I really need a Female Keynote Speaker?

Whether or not you need a female keynote speaker depends on the specific objectives and context of your event or program.
It's important to note that while a female keynote speaker can bring unique perspectives and insights, gender alone does not determine the quality or effectiveness of a speaker. When selecting a keynote speaker, it's crucial to consider their expertise, experience, knowledge, and ability to engage and inspire the audience, regardless of their gender.

Ultimately, the decision to engage a female keynote speaker should be based on the specific goals, themes, and audience demographics of your event or program. Evaluating the needs, preferences, and diversity of your audience will help you determine whether a female keynote speaker would be beneficial in achieving your objectives.

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