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You need an event that everyone raves about because it made them feel like they should. Inspired, motivated and happy.

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Jody Urquhart


If you have an audience you sense is worn out, we need to jolt them with humour, hope and inspiration. Instead of making problems a priority, we will use steady inspiration to turn this momentum around.

About this Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Of the Top motivational women speakers, Jody has the ability to manage a large crowd of 250 - 500 +, while making them laugh and inspire a sense of purpose.

Her presence is dynamic, endearing and not reliant on a stage or PowerPoint. As a former stand up comedian, Jody uses clean, clever comedy, well researched, relevant content and audience interaction to bring audiences together around a shared purpose.




Just a Microphone

A top motivational speaker, Jody does not use PowerPoint.
Her only requirement is a roaming microphone.

Jody is a featured keynote speaker for the GE Healthcare Tip-TV program, broadcast in over 2600 healthcare facilities. A Calgary motivational speaker, her recruitment insights and expertise earned her the 2008 Bronze Award in the 29th Annual Telly Awards for excellence in programming this motivational speech.

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Personal Conflict Management and Female Motivational Speakers

You deserve a keynote speaker who understands how important it is to get it right and will dedicate their time focusing on entertaining and lifting up your people, making them feel valued and appreciated instead of just pushing content at them.

Funny Female Motivational Speakers

We all know that work life is hard. It causes burn out, disgruntled-ness and lack of connection. Show them the love they deserve by giving them an event they'll enjoy with a speaker who can work even the toughest crowds.

Motivational Speakers in Canada

With a background in stand- up comedy and 22 years experience as a keynote speaker, Jody knows the right balance between delivering great content and strong audience engagement.

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Jody Urquhart is one of North America’s most influential women motivational speakers. Her goal is to make your attendees feel happy, inspired, and motivated. She is a master at using appropriate humor to lighten the mood, make the audience more receptive to your message, and add interest and levity to any topic. She instantly builds rapport with the audience because of her relatability. 

Jody is among the top women motivational speakers who can work with a large crowd of 250 to 500 while inspiring a sense of purpose and making them laugh. She has a dynamic and endearing presence and doesn’t rely on PowerPoint or a stage. She uses her experience as a former stand-up comedian to provide clean and clever comedy, relevant and well-researched content, and audience interaction that brings people together with a shared purpose.

Jody won’t need a screen or a digital presentation. All it takes is a roaming microphone and she’ll be good to go. 

Do you need Jody at your next event?

If your audience is stressed, worn out, and  some humour, inspiration, and hope, then you need funny Canadian motivational speakers like Jody! Invite her to your next event if you want to hire one of the funniest women motivational speakers in Canada.

"Meeting planners rely on her consistent ability to get positive feedback from clients such as: “Ten minutes into her presentation, I realized that I was laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt… That’s when I thought to myself: We need her in Red Lake! With a staff recognition event around the corner, I thought her ability to bring humor to the most mundane was just what my friends and colleagues needed. The rest is history, she did an outstanding job…"
– Michelle DesRoches

"Hilarious keynote speaker, my whole
workgroup laughed so hard.
We are still talking about it."
- MedTronics Conference Delegate



"Jody is always my favorite congress keynote funny motivational speaker; she brings comedy to real-word issues."

– Pam Neifibons, NPEI