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Thank you for considering funny female motivational speaker Jody Urquhart as the keynote speaker for your event. We strive to be professional, accessible and easy to work with - beginning with this section, which provides resources to help plan your best meeting ever! We have compiled some great tools for your use, and we hope to exceed your expectations.
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We understand what a demanding process it is to coordinate an event, and what it takes to make it a success. The convention keynote speaker is a very important part of that success. We have provided many of the most requested items that meeting planners have found to be helpful on this page. We hope it makes your job easier, too!
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Just a Microphone

A top female motivational speaker, Jody does not use PowerPoint. Her only requirement is a roaming microphone. We hope the information on this page will assist you in your pre-event planning and publication process. If youu need other materials, please contact us anytime


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"We highly recommend Jody. Your audience will never be disappointed. You have a message that is universal and will resonate with all audiences."
– Sysco

"Thank you so much for telling me exactly what
I needed to hear! I’ve been feeling so stuck in a rut at my job with no idea how to get myself out. But now I do! I finally have the right tools to get myself back on track. It’s been a month since you gave your keynote and it still inspires me."
– Bank of Montreal Employee

I love your comedic style! Very memorable."
– Leslie Jenkins

"We always have a hard time finding someone to speak for our blue-collar male audience. Jody was perfect! She interacted with them, got them laughing and really brought the team together around shared purpose and meaning."
– Health & Safety Collaborative

"Jody was an after-dinner speaker at our AGM. The ceremony went way over schedule and by the time it was Jody's time to talk, the open bar had really had an impact! Jody brilliantly faced a crowd of drunk hecklers.
She had them laughing and engaging and even taking notes."
– Tennessee Small Business Awards

"I was searching for a female motivational speaker online and I came across Jody. I'm always nervous to book a speaker without seeing them live but her videos were so great. I hired her and she did a brilliant job. She is great on video and even better live! "
– LRH Conference

"By far the best speaker we have ever hired. Funny, amazing content, and really involves the audience."
– Pfizer

"We were relieved when Jody followed our research team. It was a delightful balance to a pretty stern message. She was able to tie in some of the research findings and put a positive and inspiring spin on it all. People left happy and refreshed."
– Mortgage and Housing Forum

"Every year we have to find a speaker for our safety conference who knows safety but is inspirational. Our group hears about safety all week, we need someone to lift them up. Jody was perfect. She was funny, knew our audience and really inspired us"
– DCFA Safety

"As a leadership speaker, Jody strikes the perfect balance between content, comedy, and meaning. We've hired her over and over again she always delivers"
– Wells Fargo

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