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This short motivational speech will give you the inspiration to Focus Forward on what you want, because your Future is waiting. As a keynote speaker I know how inspiration can get you through. I've seen it with thousands of audiences.

What's ahead of you is a big, bold, bright, amazing future.

Just go get it.

The only thing stopping you is to worry, fear or doubt. You may be too focused heavily on what you don’t have instead of what you do.

Your searching for a better life, scorning and unable to appreciate the one you have.

Focus forward

You cannot get what you want by focusing on what you don’t want.

You want great health, but you keep talking and thinking about your bad back.

You want great relationships, but you keep complaining about the bad ones.

You want money, but you keep complaining about being broke.

Most people want a great and amazing life, but they focus on not having it. The best way to bridge this gap between what you have and what you want is appreciation and gratitude.

You have to love everything about your current life. ​ Your only goal is to feel good and ​love everything about your current circumstances. Especially if they’re not ideal.

I know you don’t like wrinkles but appreciate the long valuable rewarding life you’ve lived.

I know you don’t like debt but appreciate all the great things you bought with money you haven’t yet earned.

I know you don’t like divorce, but I appreciate all the great times you and your ex had together.

Until you can appreciate where you are now- it’s hard to get to where you want to be. If you carry resentment or worry about your job, spouse, or economy, that resentment will follow you. 

You want to move forward with a successful life, but resentment will hold you back. 

You want to move forward with better relationships, but anger from your last relationship will hold you back.

Some peoples past are really tragic, and it’s hard to let go, but you’re holding up your future; you are stalled. 

You might be moving backwards.

Your life is waiting for you.

If your thoughts keep returning to fear, doubt or anger about your past, you’re holding up your future. You cannot move forward until you let go of these mixed emotions.

I’m sure there are things in your past that you’ve worried about, but somehow they’ve worked out for you. Now you feel good about it. These good feelings will help you move forward. 

You can get in front of your future and be in the driver’s seat with positive good feelings. They will propel you forward. Don’t beat up on yourself because of your past.

If you believe in success, you can achieve it

If you believe in love, you will find it

If you believe in happiness, you will be happy

The great news is good feelings are inside you now. They don’t require work, and they require focus. 

Stress is hard

Conflict is hard

Doubt and worry are complex

Happiness isn’t

Focusing on positive things is easy.

You appreciate something; you value it for what it is. It doesn’t have to change for you to enjoy it. You don’t need other people to approve of it or you. You take all the complexity out of your perspective the minute you decide to appreciate your circumstances. 

You value it for what it is right now. It’s not complicated. It’s easy. 

Worrying about life or doubting others is hard. The longer you follow that thought pattern, the more complex it gets. It’s exhausting. Why do you do this to yourself?

Doubt your spouse, doubt your manager, doubt yourself, and the longer you think about these things, the worse you feel.  The more negative momentum you build. It's easy to attract things you don’t want.

Instead, appreciate others for their strengths, value their contributions, have gratitude for your life, have hope and optimism for the future. 

Why not take the easy route and enjoy your life?

It's easier, it's more rewarding, it's fun.

People will like you more; you will feel better; you will move forward.

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