Motivational Speech for Teachers to Help Students Learn at Home

Classes look a lot different these days. Students are learning in new ways. The support a teacher gives students goes far to help them to continue their education. How can we help students engage with online learning? Especially when isolated, many students experience stress; they may give up (and play video games). 
Add to this, today, the news is dominated by uncertainty and fear. In challenging times, people look to leaders. For many students, that is their school and their teachers. A teacher is a student's greatest champion. Even if you don't see students everyday face to face, you have to get in front of them and motivate them to learn through these trying times. Technology offers us a lot of tools to help us do this. Currently, my son is learning online with his classmates with google classroom.
As many teachers are working hard to get their learning online. I think it's essential to keep motivational never give up speech messages flowing through this new online medium. Because we aren't faced to face with students, we don't know what their situation is. Some are seriously struggling, and we may not even know it.
 A little hope goes a long way. As Maya Angelou says, when we know better, we do better. We can help our students do better but helping them stay motivated. As a keynote speaker, I know the power of a motivational speech to keep people focused on the right things. When we aren't in the same room with people, a motivational never give up speech is even more critical.
For teachers with students who are struggling, Kids Help Line offers some great resources.

Remember your audience.

The motivational never give up speech below are general and can be adapted to different groups from adults to kids. Spice it up with your language and nuances that will help students connect. The more you can remind students of the learning they were gaining in their classes, the better they can set up routines that will help them thrive.


The world has changed a lot, but one thing has not. Our commitment to your education remains strong. 
It is challenging to work by yourself; you will miss your classmates, you will miss your teachers, you will miss your textbooks. 
But remember you are not alone. We are here for you every step of the way. 
Working alone requires structure, tenacity, and grit. You will feel isolated and easily distracted; you will need ways to stay self-motivated.
It's hard for you, and believe me, it's hard for everyone else.
Sometimes you will be having a bad day, and you will need to pick yourself up and keep moving forward—set goals. Learn to appreciate your success. 
You are smarter than you know, braver than you imagine and more determined than you realize. Every day, try to do a little bit better than you did yesterday.
Tough times never last, but tough people do. It takes courage to keep trying. Every step you take, every day will move you closer to your goal. Believing you can is half the battle. The more you learn, the more confident you will become.
Your biggest challenge will be staying focused and staying diligent about your learning. The assignments keep you moving forward. Slowly chip away at tasks.
I can help you think, and it's up to you to learn
Regular attendance in a traditional classroom helps students interact with others, be better disciplined, follow a schedule, and improves mental alertness. Distance learning makes it difficult to keep track if students are learning. The motivation to stay focused is up to students ( & hopefully some help from their parents). For learning to be most successful, it needs to be consistent. 

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