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Pitfalls with the Motivational Speaker Video

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jan 24, 2011 @ 11:09 AM

motivational speaker video

Most meeting planners ask for a motivational speaker video before hiring a professional speaker.

A video is supposed to be a representation of a speaker's style, substance, and content. It is only a preview and sometimes doesn't do a speaker justice. 

Alternately, the 5 to 10-minute speech snippets may display just the speaker's best stuff. Once hired, the reviewers find out that's all there is. It's like a movie trailer; sometimes you watch the preview, decide to see the movie and realize you shouldn't have bothered. The free preview contained the only good parts of the movie.

My biggest pet peeve with a motivational speaker video is all the music, flash, testimonials, tv interviews that can be padded into the video. We preview a video to see the speaker speak, to see if the style, substance, and content are relevant to the group. If half of the video is testimonial and photos, the video is a waste of time.

Some motivational speakers spend tens of thousands of dollars creating a professional demo video while others just post motivational speeches of themselves on YouTube. 

A motivational speaker should never be hired based on how beautiful the demo video is, although sometimes it's hard not to because the range in quality is so drastic.  

Logistically, some videos are slow and painful to download, that the speakers may be discounted altogether.  Some videos have a lot of testimonial etc. at the beginning, and they lose the interest of the convention planning committee before they ever get to the motivational speaker part.  

Some meeting planners hire a motivational speaker because the video is short and keeps their interest and then the speaker is not the right choice for their convention.

Many speakers call themselves the best motivational speaker ever and yet their video is awful. 

Your choice of guest speakers can set the stage for the whole convention, and if they fail, it can have an adverse impact on the entire event. 

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