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Are you wondering How to Hire a Keynote Speaker?

It can be a daunting task, especially if you have not seen seen or heard the keynote speaker yourself-  you are taking a risk.

If it goes well, fantastic, you look like a star!

If it isn't what you expected, you are disappointed . . . and so is everyone else.

Keynote speakers have a message that resonates with the entire audience and generates enthusiasm and excitement. An Organizations annual event is an essential time to raise inspiration and morale. Most people are starving for inspiration and hope and your annual event needs to engage, inform and inspire. A keynote speaker can make a strong contribution.

There are many types of keynote speakers, so first be clear on your goals. Do you want an industry guest speaker ( like a CEO), a funny motivational speaker, a safety speaker or a speaker with an inspirational story?

Once you know the goal for your speaker, ask for referrals from others, look at association keynote speakers in your industry, and do google search. 

If you are looking to save money on travel, look for local motivational speakers.  Review speakers experience level, topics, and testimonials.

Most important, watch a keynote speakers demo video. To know how a speaker delivers, what their style is and how it resonates, you need to watch them speak in front of an audience.

Many audiences are conditioned to having really engaging live events. Make sure your keynote speaker add a dynamic, enriching experience.

How much does a keynote speaker cost?


The investment to hire a keynote speaker varies depending on how much experience they have, the message they deliver and the event location. A typical fee ranges from $5,000 up to $20,000. 

Top keynote speakers and celebrity speakers are in the highest range. 

If you don't have the budget, look to industry leaders for sponsorship. Some keynote speakers will negotiate their fees if you offer them perks like the opportunity to sell books or promote their YouTube channel. 

Leverage a speaker by having them do a keynote speech and a workshop. This allows you to hire one less speaker for a break out session.

You can save money by asking the speaker to fly economy class ( put it in the contract) 

Here are some helpful guidelines to help you look like a star!

How to Hire a Motivational Speaker

Other Resources to Hire a Keynote Speaker:

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