Meeting Planners, Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

  Let’s start with a very simple fact;

Pitfalls with the Keynote Speakers Demo Video

Are you busy trying to build the perfect schedule and make your event a ...

A Meeting Planners Audio Visual Malfunction

On November 19 & 20, 2013, I was a humorous motivational speaker for the ...

How to Thank a Keynote Speaker

A keynote speakers willingness to share their time and expertise is critical to ...

How Long Should a Keynote Speaker Talk?

When I get hired as a keynote speaker, a common question from the meeting ...

Etiquette Tips for a Guest Speaker

I was a female motivational speaker for an HR Conference. The association also ...

How to Evaluate a Motivational Speaker

I am a keynote motivational speaker at 30 to 40 conferences per year. Audiences ...

Gifts for the Keynote Speakers at your Event

As a keynote speaker, I have received a lot of gifts for speaking. Some of ...

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