Meeting Planners, Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

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Let’s start with a very simple fact;

“Showing yourself kindness and love isn’t being selfish or self-indulgent.”


The society we live in today is highly dominated by the mantra of “No pain, no gain.” People think of stress and striving as badges of honor and wear them proudly every single day.

We measure success on how much time we are spending in our offices or whatever our place of work is. And if you take some time out for yourself, people tell you that you are slacking and not fully committed. Well, let me tell you something really important and something that we often forget to remind ourselves of. As much time we spend in our workplaces, we need to give, more or less, the same amount to ourselves as well.

Of course, dedication and hard work are crucial to making your mark. But let me remind you that beating yourself up and pushing yourself beyond your limits does no good. Rather, slowing down and being compassionate towards yourself will help you make better decisions, overcome setbacks, and achieve more success.

Here are a few things that will help you take your mind off stress and make you understand why it is important not to push yourself towards the breaking line.

Know That Mistakes Are A Part Of Learning.

The meetings industry is very challenging. As a motivational speaker, I often go back to organizations and the meeting planner I worked with only two years ago has quit. The pressure was just too much. 89% of event planners love their career and they put everything they have into it. Yet, because there are so many timelines and other suppliers they rely on, events are bound to have hiccups.


Agendas, deadlines, and budgets are always challenging. Top motivational speakers will not be available last minute so it’s often left to the meeting planner to push the committee to hire a motivational speaker sooner than later.

Heard that little poem that says, “Try, try, try again?” Make it your constant motivator. I understand how tough it is to keep focus once you feel like you have failed at something you put your heart in. But that’s where the real work comes in. The mistakes you make will transition you to be more resilient, and they make you come back stronger for sure!


Don’t Let Comparison Take Over You

You might think that this is not a compliment, but it is. You are you. And that is your superpower. Yes, yes, we are all victims of comparison and I, too sometimes fail to accept myself for who I am. But trust me, once you get the hang of it, there is nothing that can stop you. Tell yourself you are enough. And no one in the world can convince you otherwise. Accept your flaws, mistakes, and imperfections.


Don’t Put A Stop To The Way You Think

This is something that we are all struggling with. We learn something and we think that this is the only way to do that. BUT, there is no right and wrong way. Let yourself create. Use your ideas. You are just as talented as anyone else! Here’s a crazy theory that actually makes sense, “ There is no right way for doing the wrong thing and there is no wrong way for doing the right thing.”


Put A Full Stop To That Criticism

Like I said before, you are equally as important as anyone else. People are going to criticize you no matter what you do. So you might as well be proud of it! Don’t let it drag you down, instead make use of it to achieve more and tell yourself that “You Are Enough!”

In the end, make sure you know that there is a fine line between working hard and pushing yourself too hard. So make sure you don’t cross them and remember to tell yourself that everything will be managed!


The event industry is growing at a very rapid pace. Despite our increasingly digital world, people still prefer to attend live events. Consumers love experiences and they look forward to the annual event, conferences, sales incentive meetings, the AGM and more. Event planners will always be in great demand. To have a long and fulfilling career in an industry that involves constant fast pace and pressure, you have to remember to no be so hard on yourself and put yourself first.


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