How to Write a Service Industry New Hire Orientation Speech

funny motivational speakers hireWelcoming new staff members is critical to their success and buy-in to the job.  Filled with anxiety, doubt and have lots of questions, new hires need direction and confidence that they are in the right place.

Immediately put them at ease with an engaging motivational speech. The biggest mistake managers make with new hires is they jump into teaching them about the task they will perform at work.

We usually hire people to fulfill a function, but we should hire them to be part of the purpose. People don't relate to tasks, they relate to mission, objectives, and progress.

On the first day on the job, people don't want to be barked orders or given a list of functions. Instead, they want to feel like they are part of something significant and meaningful. 

These first words are critical to creating a culture that cares about people and stands for something. It says, Here's what we believe if you don't believe this, go home. We are inviting you to be a part of this and to accomplish something together. 

Let people know; we are not performing a task, we are creating something every day.

The New Hire Orientation is to get employees to embrace the culture, not to learn tasks. 

Many leaders also make the mistake of turning over the orientation to another employee so that they can teach them all their bad habits. Instead, immerse keen new hires in culture.

How to Write The New Hire Motivational Speech

 Everybody wants a Purpose to come to work 

 Throughout your speech, paint a picture. Create a vision of where we're going, and invite people to join you in that dream. Help people see the work they do is to accomplish that vision

The leader's role is to assist you to get there.

We all succeed together, invite new hires to be a part of the team. Create a compelling description of the mission of the work and ask the group is they accept being a part of that mission. Get their agreement and make them accountable.

Now leaders can't make compromises for unproductive employees because we have this commitment to the team. 

Managers make excuses and leaders don't. Leaders align people to that vision and compromises aren't possible. 

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