How to Give an Inspirational Speech in 5 Minutes or Less

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Is it possible to motivate your team in under five minutes? Yes! People are more distracted than ever today, and they need short bits of inspiration to keep them focused. The biggest challenge most leaders have is they speak for too long, and the audience gets bored or distracted. 

Studies show attention is highest in the first ten minutes of a speech and decreases steadily after that point. Some of the best motivational speeches in history( Gettysburg address, Winston Churchill ) have been less than twenty minutes.

A leader's best way to motivate others is to give regular short motivational speeches.

An Inspirational Speech in Five Minutes or Less

A motivational speech is a collection of small snippets of inspiration that can be taken apart and delivered on their own. The best motivational speeches are short so that the ideas are memorable.  The most strong statements are those that don't conjure up the traditional image of 'speech' but, instead, take the audience on an enjoyable journey from one thought to the next.

Here are some tips to construct a quick and timely motivational speech:

OPEN. Get their attention. Keynote speakers know you have 10 seconds or less to get people's attention. Don't smother the group with facts and information. Open with some drama and create some excitement:

Say something startling or provocative. 

Use relevant, timely information.

Share a short, funny, motivational story that links to the goal of your motivational speech.

Decide what needs to be said and what doesn't. Something most people overlook, people will only remember a few points from your speech.  Don't overwhelm people with too much information, especially technical information that requires study and deliberation to understand. Decide what your primary goal is (what you want to motivate people to do), then focus and simplify your message around this.

Close with impact. To end an inspirational speech, quickly sum up your points and leave the audience with an inspirational and uplifting message. Every motivational speech should give people hope, a feeling that things are progressing, and that their efforts are making a difference.

Delivery. An inspirational speech is part content and part delivery. I believe delivery is even more important than information. Content has become a commodity easily accessible through Google. People can get information quickly online, why should they listen to you? 

 Your ability to deliver the message with charisma will make your inspirational speech impactful.

Prepare. Don't wing it or read a script. Looking effortless requires effort.

When giving an inspirational speech, focus on increasing your energy level, pausing after important points and speak to the audience, not at them.

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