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Motivational Speakers Get Paid to Speak

Motivational Speaker

I got a call from a medical centre in Kentucky from a gentleman organizing a health care conference. He asked me if I am a professional speaker and will I speak for free. I thought Hmm would you do a surgery for free? He explained that he had 'hired' a motivational speaker last year who agreed to speak for free. I inquired, "Well, was he any good?" He said, "No - but it was free so who cares?"

Workplace Bullying. How to Define Respect and Decrease Conflict

Keynote Speaker for Nurses Conferences

I was a keynote speaker at a nursing conference last year and the other speaker was presenting a keynote on Bullying. It was a real eye opener because I thought this only happened in the playground with children.

Women's Leadership Express Conference Keynote Speaker

speaker for a women's conference

I am a keynote speaker for a women's conference put on by the Bismark college on April 5, 2011. The event is called the Women's Leadership Express Conference and is held in Bismarck, North Dakota.

How to Manage Volunteers from the Volunteer Leaders Conference

keynote speaker for volunteers conference

This friday, February 25, I am the closing keynote speaker at the Ontario Hospital Associations Conference for Volunteer Leaders. The conference is expected to draw approximately 100 leaders of volunteers in the Ontario area for continuing professional development.

3 Ways Teenagers Diversify our Workplace speaker at transportation conference

speakers on generational diversity

One of a handful of speakers on generational diversity, Larry and Meaghan Johnson coined the term Linksters.

How to have Success with Millenials

generational motivational speaker
They walk into this workplace like they own it, I hear this all the time as a Generational Motivational Speaker.  When I deliver Inspirational talks on managing different generations, I start with the idea that If you have been a leader for more than 12 years you have likely witnessed a leadership revolution whereby the people management of the x and y generation takes up a lot more of your time.
  This is because our idea of authority and hence our style of leadership has changed drastically over the last decade. Leaders used to lead primarily by a control and command, (for some a fear based) style of leadership, where your title gave you a certain authority in its own right and people did what you said just because you are the leader. Nobody questioned, second guessed or tried to negotiate with you. People just did what they were told whether they agreed with it or not. That simple.

Generational Humorist and Speaker Meaghan Johnson is a speaker at meetings about generational differences, she says 
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by year 2008, 22 million people will have left the labor force to retire. Who do you have to replace them? Having a cohesive, multi-generational workforce is vital to survival.
Today, leaders are compelled to be an inspiration and brush up their soft skills in order to engage their workforce or just to get them to listen. Now, in order to effectively lead you have to negotiate with employees, make sure they feel heard, respected and appreciated. We need to worry about morale and create fun workplaces. All of this “soft stuff” takes up a lot of time. I have been observing how misused soft skills are doing more harm to morale and productivity than good.
I believe a big part of this leadership shift has to do with a new younger generation of employees whose parents have raised them to be their equal. Gone are the days where children are seen and not heard, this younger generation has been raised to expect a lot of appreciation and cheer for doing simple everyday things.
The new style of parenting expects children to negotiate and in doing so creates a strong sense of entitlement. A simple example: when I was young if my mother told me to eat my peas, I did as I was told. I didn’t negotiate, barter or bargain my way out of it. Recently I was at a friend’s house when she asked her daughter to eat her peas, her daughter said no.  My friend proceeded to offer her ice cream if she ate her peas, her daughter still refused the vegetable so she told her she could stay up past her bed time if she ate her peas. (You know you have done this too)
The sense of entitlement comes in when children become adults, get jobs and at work they feel entitled to negotiate perks just for doing a mediocre job. Unfortunately companies are falling for it. Over and over recognition programs recognize people for work they are supposed to do anyways. It’s the job.
Soft skills are critical to being a good leader especially if you want to engage a younger workforce but the terms need to be set by you. Leaders need to establish a strong sense of authority, set concrete rules and expectations and clear consequences.
Never recognize mediocrity.
Never recognize people for work they are supposed to do anyways, this is not negotiable, like (just off the top of my head):
Showing up for work on time
Basic performance
If you are in the Service industry being “nice” to people is part of the job
Not taking more than the allotted number of sick days
Seniority pay is great but you still have to do a good job, clearly define performance to avoid entitlement
This is very interesting discussion and we can peel back the layers in further blogs

Generational Motivational Inspirational Speaker

AudiologyNOW Keynote Speaker

keynote speaker

I am the Keynote Speaker for the audiologyNOW Conference in Chicago April 6-9, 2011. This event will bring over 3,000 Audiologists and  some speech-language pathologists from all across North America and possibly even over seas.

How to Build Inspiration, Engagement and Loyalty on a Team

motivational talksDo you work with stressed out, underappreciated and overworked professionals( Or, are you one of them)? Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to boost morale? From one of my motivational talks, below are principles to help build engagement and loyalty:

 Any leadership effort that proves to be an inspiration engages, empowers and involves people. It will pay off over and over again like an annuity. Studies show that with most employee engagement efforts productivity will far exceed your expectations. Inspiration, Innovation and employee satisfaction will skyrocket. Feeling their contribution is recognized and respected, employees will be eager to contribute energy and enthusiasm.

7th annual Woman Of Worth (WOW)™ Conference

motivational speaker for women

Mark you calendars and prepare to be WOWed at the Women of Worth Conference on May 7, 2011 in Vancouver, BC. About her inspiration for  the WOW convention, founder Christine Awram (photo left),  says in her article in Motivation Magazine, 

Leadership Skills to Prevent Mediocrity and Avoid Entitlement

motivational and inspiring speaker

As a motivational speaker, I am a big believer in rewards and recognition to keep inspiration alive in the workplace. This doesn't mean flaunting unsubstantiated praise on everyone. Recognition is an art and you have to get it right to avoid the mediocrity/ entitlement trap.

Women's Conferences you Don't Have to Miss

motivational speaker for women's conferences

Some of my favorite motivational speaking events are women's conferences. Í always come away feeling inspired and empowered and many people who couldn't make it are left to hear about the inspiration they missed. Now you don't have to miss it. Many powerful female motivational speaker videos are featured online. As women we take on so many roles and struggle to stay inspired.

3 Blogs for Meeting Planners I Follow

inspirational speaker

As an inspirational speaker I get to work with some really great meeting and event planners.

Student Success Soars with Inspiration from Evolved Teaching Methods


Something I am adamant about is evolving our education system. Like many large institutions, the education system seems slow to evolve to the changing learning needs and wellness of students. Students learning would excell if their was more inspiration from teachers and learning methods catered to students.

3 Speaking Styles of a Motivational Speaker

motivational speaker

There are some amazing motivational speakers with a compelling message. I think a really good professional speaker has a refined speaking style. Below are thhose of those styles to help you decide which would work best for your conference experience.

Keynote Speaker for the CUPA HR Conference

Keynote Speaker

The CUPA-HR Southern Region Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas April 10-12, 2011 will bring together 250 HR Professionals in the higher education field. This exciting continuing professional development event has two motivational speakers and many educational break out sessions.

Is a Motivational Speaker Worth the Investment?

Funny Motivational speaker

Some motivational speakers charge upwards of $30,000 to give a 60 minute speech. With that kind of an investment you have to really assess, is it worth it?

Five Minute Motivational Speeches as Morale Boosters

motivational speeches

Speech is the mirror of the soul;
as a man speaks, so is he.
Publilius Syrus

If you are faced with keeping people motivated on a day to day basis, there is no better inspiration than simple Five Minute Motivational Speeches. You don't have to be a motivational keynote speaker to give a motivational speech. Follow the four steps below to be an inspirational speaker and inspire and engage.

January 26 Generational Diversity Workshop

generational speaker

January 26 I presented a workshop at the Bethany Care Society's Organizational Cultural Quarterly Review leadership event.

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