Clocking Out of Chaos – Strategies for Sanity in a 24/7 World.


In our relentlessly connected world, the lines between work and personal life have blurred beyond recognition. We face an endless deluge of emails, notifications, and demands, leaving us feeling perpetually overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Join Jody Urquhart, a renowned inspirational speaker and one of the leading female motivational speakers in North America, as she equips you with practical strategies to break free from the chaos and reclaim your sanity. Let’s begin.

From Hustle to Harmony.

Jody draws on her years of experience handling the complexities of career, relationships, and self-care to shed light on the hidden pitfalls of our “always-on” culture. She exposes the myths of productivity that keep us chained to our screens and explores the detrimental impact of chronic stress on our physical and mental well-being. With wit, wisdom, and relatable anecdotes, she challenges the glorification of the hustle and redefines success beyond burnout metrics.

Building Boundaries, Brick by Brick.

The moral is not about preaching detachment or advocating for complete withdrawal from the world. Instead, Jody emphasizes the importance of crafting healthy boundaries around your time and energy. According to Jody, you need to equip yourself with actionable tools and techniques to:

  • Identify your energy vampires – Learn to recognize the people, activities, and habits that drain your energy and cultivate an awareness of your personal triggers.
  • Master the art of saying no – Develop the confidence to gracefully decline requests that don’t align with your priorities or well-being.
  • Schedule your sanity – Prioritize self-care and leisure activities by intentionally blocking out time in your calendar for the things that truly nourish your soul.
  • Wisely use the power of technology – Learn how to leverage technology as a tool for efficiency and communication rather than a constant source of distraction.
  • Connect, don’t consume – Reconnect with the people and activities that bring you joy and meaning, and prioritize quality interactions over mindless scrolling.

Be Balanced and Say No to Overload.

Jody doesn’t just offer solutions; she paints a vivid picture of the life that awaits on the other side of chaos. Imagine regaining control of your time, reducing stress, and fostering deeper connections with your loved ones. 

You get to experience renewed creativity, enhanced productivity, and a newfound sense of purpose. As the top keynote speaker in North America, Jody has spoken at a number of events and seminars, substantiating that work-life balance isn’t an elusive dream – it’s a tangible reality you can cultivate with intention and effort.

Join Hands.

Jody’s message is a call to action, an invitation to join a movement of individuals who are reclaiming their lives from the clutches of perpetual overwork and stress. Her sessions are for anyone who yearns for more than just ticking off tasks on a to-do list, for those who dream of a life infused with meaning, connection, and well-being. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply someone juggling the demands of everyday life, this is your chance to learn how to clock out of the chaos and step into a life of sanity and fulfillment.

So, are you ready to reclaim your time, embrace your well-being, and design a life that truly thrives? Let Jody be your guide as you clock out of the chaos and step into the oasis of mindful living. Book Jody today!

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