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Funny Motivational Speaker - Jody Urquhart

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Energizing, Humorous, Inspiring Keynote Speaker!
-Kim DeJean, Merck

As a motivational keynote speaker, Jody has been presenting her motivational speeches around the world for over 13 years. She is passionate about spreading the message of fun, and meaningful work. 

She addresses over 50 organizations and associations annually, and is one of Canada’s top female motivational keynote speakers. Read: Motivational Speeches that Resonate

Jody wrote the book All Work & No SAY. Her mission in writing, as in motivational speaking, is to help individuals and organizations derive more meaning and deeper satisfaction from their work.

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Jody, as a corporate motivational speaker for events gave speeches to health care associations, financial and banking institutions,  parks and recreation bodies, government departments and many more groups.

Jody was the motivational keynote speaker for the American Nurses Association in 2004, National Public Transportation, County Treasurers' Conference, National Franchise Conference, Patient Safety Institute and many more.

Motivate people and transform a dull and boring meeting into an exciting, insightful, and highly memorable event by hiring motivational keynote speaker Jody Urquhart.

She will show you how individuals, entrepreneurs and CEO's can transform their businesses and improve the bottom line by bringing fun and purpose into the workplace.

“A great inspirational speaker.You have such energy and passion, and were funny - we could have listened to you forever”
-John Marmina, GlaxoSmithKline

“Jody is always my favorite motivational keynote speaker; she brings comedy to real-word issues”
-Pam Neifibons, NPEI

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"Jody was heartfelt, genuine and brilliantly funny"

-Wells Fargo

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