Why Do Women Want to Hear Female Keynote Speakers?

female motivational speaker


A female keynote speaker is a public speaker who has successfully achieved something great and exceptional in her life, successfully tackling all the gender stereotypes.

Women audiences in any type of event need someone or something they can relate to. Someone who understands a woman’s struggle in juggling her career and motherhood, being a parent, handling her health issues, and the expectations of being a caregiver.

Studies show organizations are increasingly interested in gender diversity.

As a woman, I understand the pressure of society where we are expected to “do everything” and not receive appreciation where it is due. I know, women are expected to perform well in their careers in their respective fields as well as being exceptional wives, mothers, and friends. Any woman who can relate to this may feel like they are torn, always feeling the pressure to be everything to everyone. Your work needs you, your family needs you, your friends need you and there is just never enough time to do it all. The challenge is for many women their own wellness often falls low on the priority list. We can easily get stuck in a rut as we chase after other people's problems all day, we never leave any time to refuel ourselves.

Research on women at work by Randstad shows that women consistently make less money than men and have more experience or education.

I am regularly hired as a female motivational speaker for Organizations that need to motivate a male and female workforce.

A female keynote speaker will help a woman in the audience to feel inspired by the idea that they can achieve objectives and goals in their life. In my years of experience, I have learned that connection with my audience is stronger when I address the most common issues they face. As a woman and as a keynote speaker, I believe it is my responsibility to give these women a chance and a place to speak their hearts out.

The reason why women prefer to listen to a female keynote speaker is that it gives them hope and a sense of assurance that they too can follow their dreams. It was always my dream to become a public speaker, someone who can share her life experience allowing others to be the better versions of themselves.

When choosing a female keynote speaker, your first objective is to find out the main obstacles and challenges which are needed to be addressed in that event. When you decided exactly what you are looking for, look for a speaker that has the experience of overcoming those obstacles and becoming successful in the face of adversity.

Before deciding what kind of keynote speaker, you want to hire, understand what your audience demands. If your majority audience comprises of women or if it’s an event only for women, hiring a male keynote speaker may not be an effective choice. For example, you don’t hire a speaker who has never been married to give a presentation on coping up with the stress of being divorced.

Remember, giving advice is easy, but having personal insights and a certain level of emotional connection with the audience, that’s the most important thing. For this very reason, it is always a good idea to hire a funny female keynote speaker if you are looking to inspire women at your event.

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