No Matter how Much you Accomplish it's Never Enough?

Are you ambitious and goal-oriented? No matter how much you accomplish, it’s ...

What is a Hustle Hangover? Bliss Out and Find Hope

Do you feel bad because other people feel bad? Do you need other people to like ...

Morning Motivational Speech by Funny Motivational Speakers

When you wake up in the morning, line up with feeling good about your day. This ...

Why the Customer is Not Right

I own several vacation rentals in Canmore, Alberta. It’s a mountain town. I got ...

Why Do Others Opinions Mean More than Yours? A Speech by Keynote Speaker

Why do you take things personally? It’s because you can only see the world ...

Back to the Office. Best Leadership Skills Post- Pandemic

Hope, optimism and belief in your team will get you through uncertainty as ...

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