No Matter how Much you Accomplish it's Never Enough?

Bliss Out Templates (17)-2Are you ambitious and goal-oriented? No matter how much you accomplish, it’s never enough? Do you always want more?

What’s challenging about being goal-oriented is you are always looking to improve the future. It means you may have a hard time accepting life now. It means you live life in the future instead of the present moment.

You may find you get irritated with other people, annoyed with lack of progress, and you need to rush everyone along and get to the point.

Some days you can’t tolerate problems, circumstances, or complaints. You want results.

It means you are very outcomes-oriented and heavily focus on improvement in the future.

To do it, you benchmark and rely on outcomes from the past.

You look at current progress, what worked before and what didn’t work to project outcomes into the future. This means you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, and you could be entirely missing the present moment.

Life, as it unfolds in front of you, is what’s happening.

Everything you want and don’t want in the future is a projection but not current reality.

Your real life will never look like your goal. Life doesn’t work that way. Life doesn’t line up perfectly to make your goals look good.

All stress comes from trying to control the uncontrollable.

You can’t control circumstances or people. Also, other people aren’t sitting around thinking about how they can help you reach your goals. They have their own goals.

Instead of using the past to define your future, it’s more rewarding to appreciate and build on the strengths of the life you have right now.

Goals are usually formed from deficiency and awareness of what you don’t have. It’s more relevant, empowering and real to build on the power of what you do have.

Moving forward is a lot more rewarding when you don’t have to drag your entire past into the future. You build on the strength of what you have right now.

If you can line up what you care about -passion, hope, opportunity with your goals you can rely on good feelings to propel you forward instead of hustle.

It's always better to lead yourself and others from the strength of where you are instead of the frustration of where you are not.

The truth is everything you have in your life right now is an accomplishment from the past that you're meant to appreciate in the present.

How can we expect to get more if we can't appreciate how extraordinary our life is now?

If you can ride the wave of positive emotion, it will build momentum in your life.

Bliss Out Book will show you how to find you bliss. Now.

You move forward with inspiration instead of anxiety.

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