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motivational speech keynote speakerWhen you wake up in the morning, line up with feeling good about your day.​ This motivational speech will help you wake up and set you up for success.

Motivational Speech Morning Wake Up

​It's​ far more rewarding to decide how you want to feel moment to moment than to react to whatever happens around you. 

​Throughout your day, l​ife doesn’t line up to please you. People have a way of being annoying​,​ and any amount of attention you ​put to these frustrations ​just makes them stronger. 

If you have enough positive feeling in you, unattached to circumstances, you won’t notice the irritation. Eventually​,​ you can see all problems as potential. Positive emotion will always build momentum and move you forward. 

Problems ​will be​ opportunities. Have you noticed the same problems annoy you over and over again?  It’s because they are trying to get your attention. They are nudging you to change. Why do the same problems keep coming up? It means you're not listening. You may be complaining about them not evolving with them. 

​For this Morning's motivational speech, talk yourself into seeing problems as opportunities.​ The only reason a problem exists is your continual focus on it. ​You're meant to use problems ​to ​discover solutions. 

The difference in problem and solution is in the way they feel. Problems feel bad​; solutions feel good. You cannot activate ​the ​imagination to see solutions when ​issues ​make you feel bad. Any problem you have​,​ consider it an opportunity because it is. Once you glimpse hope or optimism​,​ you will see that.

Funny Keynote Speaker Motivational Speeches on staying Uplifted

​In this Morning Motivational Speech Remember to ​Think less​ and​ feel more​. ​

​You can see ​people's emotions in the background​ everywhere you go,​ either helping or hindering them. We think we’re responding to what’s happening​,​ but we’re reacting to emotion. 

​Is someone telling you one thing​,​ but you sense something else is happening? It’s your feeling or intuition that will be most accurate. Most people don’t know their emotions are directing their ​actions. If it’s ​a ​negative emotion​,​ it’s muddled. 

Most progress is slowed down because we’re responding to emotion, which is fleeting​ ​, ​and it’s not reality. Negative emotion creates assumptions and confusion. 

Do you want to take action based on muddled emotion? Do you want to shape your future around other people’s dissatisfaction with life? 

Taking action on fear or worry only plants it into your reality. Before this​,​ it was just thought and emotion. Now through your hustle​,​ ​you're making it ​a ​reality. 

Always line up with feeling good before taking action. 

​Morning Motivational Speech- ​Don’t take cues from others​; take cues from yourself​.​ 

Other people's ​opinions should never direct your action. When people want you to change​,​ it is usually expressed out of fear, doubt, worry or anger. These are not good indicators to plan your future. When someone doesn’t like what you do, their mixed emotion can never propel positive change. 

It’s their fear, don’t make it yours. It’s their worry or doubt, don’t make it yours. 

​When people have mixed feelings, the best you can do is stay neutral or uplifted. Compassion or understanding ​of their hard feelings can help. Don’t try to change them or make them feel better​;  have ​compassion​. 

Any uplifting vibration will ​eventually reveal hope, which will lead to potential. 

Morning Motivational Speech Find Relief in Anger​

Getting angry when someone else is angry ​puts you in the same position. Angry.

Worrying about others when they have ​self-doubt puts you in the same position they are. Doubtful. 

It never helps to join others in their misery. It never helps to let your emotions go down with them. When you join others in their negative feelings​,​ you are no longer in a position to help them. 

It’s challenging to stay uplifted when people you care about aren’t. The best you can do is appreciate their hard feelings with understanding and compassion. 

They are upset and not thinking clearly. Nothing good can come out of the conversation except to appreciate the hard feelings. Don’t try to ​make someone ​upset; don’t force them to feel better. Any action ​was taken out of worry or fear sustains it in your life. 

If you can stay uplifted when others aren’t​,​ you can appreciate hope or opportunity where they can’t. Without a goal to fix them​, you will feel a more powerful position. That hope will rub off.

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