Tips for Women to Enter a Negotiation

Female Motivational Speaker on How to Get a Raise and Negotiation

Studies still reveal that women are paid less (30% less than men) and have had fewer opportunities than men. One of the reasons is we shy away from negotiations that are critical to advance our career.

The first step to negotiating is to know your value. Never underestimate your worth. If you are asking for a raise, find out what someone with your skill level is typically compensated. Also, show how your skills are valuable to the new role and your team. If possible, show concrete evidence that you can make a difference to productivity or teamwork.

When negotiating, always start with what you can agree with. This is because we usually want the same thing, we disagree on how to get there.

When we forget the values that we all share like freedom, health, and happiness, we enter into a vicious downward spiral to destruction. It’s easy to focus on the negatives when polar opinions separate us. In any role, we want a harmonious, productive team, so start with this as your goal.

Also, the best negotiations create a win-win for all parties. There is an inherent give and take in all bargaining. To get something important to you, you have to give something else up.

Before entering a negotiation, know what you want and what your willing to give up. Also, anticipate what the other party wants.

Motivational speaker and talk show host, Dr. Phil says that often, the problems we share are not simple, but the solutions are.

Dr. Phil says you should name it to claim it. In other words, find out what’s important to you and what matters. When you know this, you know what you won’t compromise.

Once you know what you want, you can powerfully ask for it. As a female motivational speaker, Barbara Corcoran says especially for women; we shy away from doing anything that would appear self-serving. Thus, we end up overlooked for promotions and other opportunities.

Men tend to be more direct and assertive in their communication, so they ask for what they want more often. And they get it. 

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