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Technology extension of our brain?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Mar 11, 2016 @ 11:46 AM

guest speaker technologyI listened to an interesting Ted talk by anthropologist, Amber  Case, about our personal technology ( iPhone, iPad or tablet) being an extension of us.
The Ted guest speaker suggested our personal technology is an extension of our brain. It is set up to feed us the information we want, when we want it, with whom we want it, and in the way we want ( Twitter, email, phone call).
In essence, the guest speaker suggests personal technology and devices mimic our brains and act as an extension of ourselves. 
What's interesting is, we let it disrupt us and dictate our behaviours. Many people have learned to respond instantaneously to text, email and phone calls. Next, our course of action corresponds to the information we receive. We also distract ourselves from an otherwise boring reality with video games, or get absorbed in text messages. 
Whose in charge here anyways? If we set up the technology, why do we let it control us?
Technology and the Preschooler
In 1970s, a typical child started watching TV at 4 yrs old; today, it's 4 months. 
Add to this, a preschooler today gets an average of 4.5 hours of screen time a day( TV, Ipad, etc). 
The challenge is, watching something online and actually experiencing it, are not the same. Yet for a preschooler, they may seem like they are.
Watching something online, the context is removed, you don't actually feel, touch, smell and interact with the situation. You are removed from reality, and the reality is created by someone else, usually to get and keep your attention.  For a young mind, this reality may be blurred. 
What parent wants their child to experience war, fighting, and manipulation ? Yet these are the images virtual reality feed them. 
Barriers to fighting and combat are low, when all you need to do is download an app. Anyone can be thrust into battle and taught how to fight, or trained that we should fight. 
 Any parent should be very aware of what their children are doing online and have candid discussions about how online scenerios are not real but may appear real.

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