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Sturgeon County Staff Collaboration Professional Development Day

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Nov 02, 2016 @ 01:40 PM

Sturgeon County Funny Motivational Speaker

On November 17, 2016,  I am a motivational speaker for the Sturgeon County Staff Professional Development Day. Over 140 employees, managers and the Senior Leadership Team will attend the event.

The purpose of the day is for staff from different departments to come together around the theme of collaboration. Logistically, Sturgeon County has staff in different departments, spread out in different buildings, which doesn't facilitate face- to face -communication.

Coming together as a group like this, we want to reinvigorate teams around the purpose of the work- which is to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Surgeon County. This involves everything from filling potholes, snow removal, protective services, fielding resident concerns and more.

Sturgeon county is navigating through lots of change. This equates to different priorities, which can sometimes create uncertainty. One of the themes the senior leadership team has promoted to enhance collaboration is assuming positive intent. This means assuming other departments and team members are doing everything they can to collaborate. This optimistic outlook enhances communication and promotes a can-do, proactive attitude. 

Collaboration is challenging between different departments because we don't always consider how our actions, decisions, timelines, and resources will affect others. A decision in one department can create havoc and chaos for another, especially if not effectively communicated. However, it is likely not intentional. Nobody wakes up and says, today I will work to destroy team morale and confuse others

If we assume positive intent, instead of getting wrapped up in pointing fingers, we can focus on proactively solving problems. Taking ownership of problems is key to driving initiatives forward and enhancing resident quality of life.

The senior leadership team has taken steps to understand how change affects all levels of the government organization. They are trained in the ADKAR leadership model which translates to:

Awareness. Desire. Knowledge. Ability. Reinforcement

The other motivational speaker at the event is Pauline Perreault who will be facilitating a collaboration session. 

I look forward to speaking at the Sturgeon County Professional Development Day. I will give the closing motivational speech called, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me! How to Navigate the Future with Humor, Enthusiasm, and Vigor. I will be tying in the themes above to help celebrate group pride and enhance collaboration.

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