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Stop Choosing Stress Over Beauty

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Sep 03, 2015 @ 10:59 AM

People today are mind numbingly busy. In an experiment, the Washington Post sent out award winning violin player, Joshua Bell to the New York subway to play.

Bell laid out a hat in front of him to collect tips while he enthusiastically wailed away at the violin and produced gorgeous sounds. Hours later, he had collected $32 in tips.

That very morning he had played for a crowd of 1,000 enthusiastic people paying upwards of $500 a seat to see him play.

The busy transport passengers were too wrapped up in their schedules to even notice the unusually beautiful music.

Wrapped up in day to day stress, it's easy to miss the beauty of the moment. In its place, we get lost in details, deadlines and dilemmas. Why chose stress over beauty?

Studies show that when overtaken by stress, it's usually not present mind thinking that causes our anxiety. Instead, it is worry and fear of the future.

Motivational speaker on stress management

Anytime we stop to be present and appreciate the moment we are decreasing stress and producing more calm and balance.

More tips to decrease stress and create balance.

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