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Perks of Being Negative, Sad or Cynical

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Mar 17, 2015 @ 02:29 PM

motivational keynote speakerNobody ever says, you need to stop being so damn cheerful all the time. Positive people are the stars of the workplace that others clamour to be around.

Perky peeps are never chastised for being happy. However,  negative, critical or even sad souls can become social outcasts, ridiculed or even disciplined for their sour disposition.

With all this attention put to positive thinking ( and being), maybe we overlook the perks of negative, gloomy emotion or behavior patterns.

After all, we are equipped with negative emotions and thought for a reason. We didn't evolve to be positive Pollyanna's all the time.  I know just as many( if not more) cynical, naturally dour people as I do positive ones.

Some peoples negativity, raw honesty and depressing perspective makes them more interesting.

Face it, sometimes life sucks. I have met some well meaning, hard working people who have been dealt a tough blow. Job loss, health issues, divorce, economic downfall can hit anyone -and at some point in life it effects everyone.

It's hard to stay positive when everything around you is falling apart. Bigger then this though is that maybe these negative experiences actually shape us and make us better people.

Maybe a doom and gloom attitude actually helps you prepare for the worst. Maybe those irritating critical people who tear apart our hopes, dreams and plans are actually bringing us down to reality.

High hopes can be easily dashed. Negative nellies may be saving us the drama.

Many critical, analytical people have a passion for exploring what could go wrong. These people tend to be more conservative and fear loss more then they relish positive momentum, goals or gain. My experience is that although their lives seem sometimes boring, they live drama free.

Other people are sad, a lot. Some people wear sadness like a badge of honour. I would guess it gets them something, like an excuse to play hooky or a pardon of some sort. Others naturally come by it, statistics suggest one in four people experience some sort of mental illness. Depression being the most common. Millions of Americans take pills to try to perk up.

If depression is somehow hard- wired into you, instead of fighting it, recognize in some twisted ways it actually makes you a better person. It's possible that your dourness may make you someone compassionate enough to see into others pain. It may make you someone critical enough to recognize what might go wrong.

As if it were possible, what if we were happy all the time? Even happiness would become boring.

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