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No problems, no profit

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Dec 03, 2015 @ 01:00 PM

Funny motivational speakerLife is about solving problems. Show me any successful person or organization and I'll show you someone who knows how to be resilient in stress and still move forward. They can solve problems without being defeated, learn from mistakes, re strategize and move on.

Being equipped to deal with and solve problems is a stumbling block for most people.

Aspects of character to help you solve problems:

Deal with things actively. Promptly addressing problems will leave many people relieved, happy and impressed with your proactive aptitude.

Facing negative situations or people not only takes courage and passion; it can also save years of stress.

The ability of people to recover after a negative event,  failed or uncertain situations, get over it, re strategize, refocus, and move on, is critical to success.

I once heard, motivational speaker Anthony Robbins suggest that our expedience becomes our character. The way we handle experience shapes our character. If you handle stress by withdrawing, becoming cynical or letting it pull you down, this will become ingrained in your character.

Just as we metabolism food, we metabolize experience. Food becomes the cellular make up of our body. Our experiences shape who we are and how we respond to the future.

Remember when it comes to excellence, Good is the enemy of great.

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