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No Job Perks, but Lots of Parties

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, May 19, 2015 @ 12:41 PM

funny guest speakerI was recently a motivational speaker for a construction company. I had lunch with the CEO who had an interesting philosophy on job perks and recognition. 
He said he interviews every single job candidate so he can be sure they buy into his philosophy. 
What potential candidates may get edgy about is that the job entails very few perks. That means no bonuses for productivity, no incentives for longevity on the job and no extra days off for doing a good job. 
The job offers no guaranteed perks or incentives ( other then the usual employee benefits) instead, they party a lot. Years ago they ditched the incentives and started having regular, mostly spontaneous parties and celebrations. 
These include spur of the moment pizza parties, monthly outings ( including bowling, archery, hiking, etc) yearly galas, family picnics, company wide yoga, retreats, they made funny corporate videos and held on the spot celebrations. The construction company celebrates a lot, not quarterly but more like daily. 
They celebrate monday with coffee, muffins and stories of what's going on( projects they working on, etc)...because this is the start of a great week. Wednesday, often called hump day, is a milestone to appreciate because it's the middle of the week. Friday is a big bash because it concludes the week and they talk about success. They are also big on celebrating failure as an opportunity to improve and innovative team ideas. 
Many of the celebrations are spontaneous, so people never know when and what they are celebrating. This keeps the work interesting and fun. 
True to the motto, people who play together stay together, the group is very tight and teamwork is strong. The CEO lamented that generic recognition tended to cause competition, create entitlement and rewarding people for work they were supposed to do anyways. 
The company does not skimp on the celebrations,they are often lavish and people are treated to great food and fun. 
Celebrations appreciate teamwork, it's not about spotlighting exceptional performers and putting people on a pedestal. It's all wrapped around group achievement.
I really enjoyed being a motivational speaker for the construction company, I presented the motivational speech, Follow Me I'm Right Behind You.
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