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Funny Motivational Speaker for HRApproximately 25 times a year,  I am hired to be  one of several funny motivational speakers for Human Resources conferences. For me, this is a relatively substantial number of events within a certain occupation. The following are some of the reasons why HR professionals may need more humor in their lives.

Human Resources Professionals love to laugh and need this comedic relief.  HR professionals are really receptive audience that are eager and hungry to learn. The humor helps them to leave their stress in the background and better focus on learning. 

HR is challenging because the work can directly( positively and negatively) impact the lives of others. For instance, when hiring, only one candidate will be successful and a handful of other candidates hopes are dashed. 

Most people get in Human Resources ( HR) so that they can positively impact others, and to do so, it often means delivering bad news. There is also alot of uncertainty in HR, often perched on the edge of new budget cutbacks, this group often has to slash resources. These decisions often impact employees schedules, workload and even morale.

The rewarding part of the HR job is helping employees build a thriving career. HR professionals often coach team members in communications skills, collaboration, leadership development, accountability and time management.

In the motivational speech, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me, the goal is to compel HR Professionals to take themselves lightly in the midst of stress, chaos and change. For HR leaders to inspire others, they will need to keep their own fires of enthusiasm lit and not get lost in endless To-Do lists. Humor helps professionals stay more present, focused and relaxed by engaging a lighthearted, more detached perspective.

When stress persists, people who are compelled to take themselves lightly, will notice the stress isn't as heavy or emotionally exhausting.

Humor specifically reduces stress (and increases focus) in 3 unique ways: decreasing muscle tension, increasing oxygen to the brain, increasing energy boosting endorphins. 

As a funny motivational speaker for Human Resources Professionals, I  am often hired as an opening funny keynote speaker.  Conferences want to start an event with energy, laughter and enthusiasm. This will build a bond and loosen audience up to prepare to learn. 

Conferences also may hire funny motivational speakers for the closing session. Ending a conference with humor leaves people lighthearted and in a good mood at the end of a lot of learning. At the end of an event, many delegates can have conflicting travel plans and will need to leave. Hiring good closing session funny motivational speakers will help keep them at the event until the end.

Absorbing content and learning is always easier when you balance it with humor!

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