Motivational Speech- Transform Yourself, Don't Limit Yourself

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Let diverse circumstances transform you, not limit you.

To show you what happens when things upset you, it penetrates a mindset that holds you back. It’s a spark of insight that lets you know your actual worth. 

But you will more likely defend yourself than understand yourself.

This is why you feel painful emotions; you're supporting the wrong thing. Why not use the power and Worth of who you are to transform circumstances instead of fighting them? 

Inspiration and insight don’t come from routine habits, mindsets, or emotional reactions. It can only seep through the cracks in that routine; it’s why trauma or conflict gets your attention. Some part of it disrupts your performance. It makes it through the cracks.

However, if you go back to the thought that blames or deflects circumstances, you're reinforcing the habit and perpetuating struggle with no growth.

The conflict must evolve to become the opportunity it is.

It would be best if you disrupted patterns and mindsets that are not yours. Your usual way of thinking, feeling and acting is limiting you and not transforming you.

Become sensitive to your temptation to avoid uncomfortable feelings- you would rather eat, scroll Instagram, or daydream than feel bad emotions. 

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Instead of avoiding the awkward feeling, turn and face it. Know it, and you’ll understand how it limits you. 

Remember, you can’t change what you are not willing to see.

A great moment in life is when you realize who you are now is who you always wanted to be. Instead of chasing the success you appreciate the success that you are. 

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