Motivational Speech to Know Your Worth

Motivational Speech to Know Your Worth

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If someone ​will magically make your life better​,​ that person is you​.​

You can spend your whole life figuring that out​​ or get it right now​.​ This Motivational Speech can help you Know Your Worth; feel free to use it on yourself and share it with others. 

If stress and life pressure get you down, you're reacting to life, not living it. 

It’s not your fault. An archaic stress cycle causes you to fight everything like a sabre-toothed tiger is chasing you. But a missed deadline or unexpected bill is not life-threatening.

Take a deep breath, appreciate anything you can about life, and you will find hope.

Some people have more success and more business because they know they have to grow by handling stuff that comes up and not getting upset over it. It’s part of the journey.

It would be best if you had loyalty and consistency with yourself.

​You would never settle for someone who is only good at the beginning​, so why do you settle for talking down to yourself? It would be best if you were consistent when knowing your worth. ​

Never take action ​in desperation​.​

Never become so thirsty you’ll drink from any cup given to you.

You must know your worth​​ ; then, ​the ​decision will be obvious.

The older you become​,​ the less tolerant you are towards meaningless relationships or activities.

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If ​you ​learn through experience​,​ your life reflects what’s meaningful to you.

People who are gentle with themselves are gentle with others. People who are hard on themselves are hard on others​.​

You tell how someone will treat others by how they treat themselves.

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