Motivational Speech for Women

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Motivational Speech for Women

Women are change makers, but somehow, we lose our humour and capacity to enchant. Let's get back to just being who we are best… women! 

Instead of trying to convince someone you fit within their world, build your own. Don’t chase people. Chase your curiosity, and track your development and potential. Build a world you want to be in and attract the right people to it.

Be Careless, laugh more, enjoy more, and be the fantastic advisor, supporter, cheerleader, and woman you have always been made to be. If others do not accept who you are and accept your talents, please do not be discouraged. By just being and enjoying, you make the most impact because then you handle situations, and situations don't get you down.

Don’t worry about the mistakes you made. Just make sure they make you wiser. Grow through what you go through

Life is simple! Get out of your head and get into the moment. The goal of life is to die young but as late as possible.

Only love can transform because love is significant and conflict is minor.

Love accepts everything​.​ Conflict accepts nothing

Love is living your life Conflict is denying it.

​Canadian Female Keynote Speaker​

​Could you look at anything you have conflict about and see this? At the essence of the argument​,​ you are fighting over the same things. You care about the same thing​,​ or you wouldn’t bother fighting.

Look at what brings you together​,​ not what tears you apart​.​

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