Motivational Speech- Be the Change You Want to See

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Do you need some inspiration to be the Change You Want to See in the World?

Here's a motivational speech to help you thrive.

It feels so great to see people around us thrive​- Doesn't it?

We love seeing our customers happy.

We love seeing our spouses happy.

We love seeing our employees happy.

It feels so good when everyone is happy. We ​all ​thrive.

The economy is flowing, things are happening easily, and we all move forward.

But what about when people aren’t happy? What about when things don't go as planned? What about when we have to disappoint others? 

This is hard and can easily turn our mood sour. 

As a female keynote speaker, I see it as my main job to make people feel good because I know how transformative good feelings can be. 

However, remember this: You can never be happy by needing other people to be happy. You can never be pleased by needing other people to be pleased.  Ever.

Because your feelings are within, happiness is not a goal its a feeling. It's not something you earn; it's something you have. 

The moment you attach this powerful feeling to circumstances working out for you- you lose.

Suppose you are unhappy about anything​- it's simply​ because you keep getting your inside good feelings messed up with your outside unfavourable circumstances. You are placing a condition on happiness that doesn't allow it to flow.

The truth is you can be happy, and the economy can crumble around you. 

You can be happy and have an unhappy spouse or team.

You can be happy and be in an unhappy work environment.

How is that possible?

How can you be happy when everyone else is miserable? 

It's simple. Happiness is not attached to your circumstances. The moment you hinge happiness to anything, you are vulnerable. You cannot feel good by needing others to feel good. Their emotions are inside them too. You don't get to control how they feel. 


The best thing you can do for someone else is to be happy yourself. Happiness is contagious


When you feel good, everyone else feels good. This vibrancy knocks over worry and doubt.


Ain’t nobody until mamma is  happy. Not true. Our good feelings are inside us and just waiting for our attention. You don’t need mamma or your spouse or even your dog to be happy for you to be happy. 


If you can focus on feeling good, everyone wins. Contagious enthusiasm will seep into all areas of your life. Nobody or nothing can stomp on your good vibes. If you are zipping around with appreciation and enthusiasm in you - you won't even notice other peoples worry and doubt. 


Magically, when other people normally have problems, they'll feel better when they're in front of you. Lighter, happier. 


All our emotions are contagious good or bad. Happy or sad​. Whether you feel​ up or ​you feel ​down. 


The only way to uplift others is to be uplifted yourself. 

The only way to inspire others is to be inspired. 

The only way to make others happy is to be happy.


Gandhi said to be the change you want to see in the world.

Be happy, see happy people.

Be inspired, see inspired people.

Be Kind; see kind acts everywhere.


It comes from within- Focus on feeling good. 

Feel happiness, appreciation, Joy, Gratitude, levity, fun, hope


It's not something you have to do. It's not a goal to crush. Its a feeling. Inside you. 


In the meantime, anytime you feel bad- you know your direction is wrong. You expect the outside world- circumstances to improve- or to look good for you to feel good. 


With this focus, you will always be disappointed. Just flip your focus and decide on what you want. 


Is it a success? Prosperity? Kind co-workers? Work that you enjoy? Optimism for a thriving economy? 


With stead focus on these good feelings, you will soon be surrounded by kind people, in work that you enjoy. 


What if you want a thriving economy, and it's still stalled. It doesn't matter; you have your direction, right. You​ a​re focused on optimism, and that will flourish. The economy doesn't have to change, but your good feelings will. 


Your optimism and hope are moving you forward. Once the linchpin is pulled, and the economy starts to roll forward. You're ready. You're positioned to roll with your good vibes and go forward. ​Nothing can stop you. Doubt and worry are already replaced with feelings of optimism and prosperity. ​


If, as a society, we can turn this around with so much steady hope and optimism, we will turn the economy around. Our good thoughts will push the economy forward. We will flourish. It's our good feeling ​ and intention ​that will get us there. 


The only things that keep​ ​worrying, fear and doubt in your life is your focus on it.


I want to repeat it​,​ the only things that keep worrying, fear and doubt in your life are your focus on it.


Change your focus. Move forward. Hope​, ​optimism,fun-lovinging. Feel those words. Don't they feel good? Why? Because they move forward. Hope optimism happy is about today and tomorrow​. They are about a better future.​


Fear, anger, worry is about the past. Your direction is wrong. Move forward.


Notice this isn't a doing, its a feeling


You're not going to change your job or insist people ​around you need to ​be kind to you. Instead, you​ will change your mental focus towards thoughts of gratitude, appreciation for your job and your coworkers and optimism for your incredible future.

If you steadily think kind thoughts towards others, they will turn out to be more kind to you.
You are creating the jobs and relationship you want, not by forcing people around you to change so they are more pleasing to you but by changing your thoughts and feelings.


You are literally ​being ​the change you want to see in the world.

Its a feeling. It's inside you. It's in your being. 

Just focus on those good vibes, and you can't go wrong.

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