How to Write a Motivational Speech for Union Employees

motivational speaker to unionsI was recently a motivational speaker for a large unionized aerospace organization. They opened the conference with a dynamic motivational speech from their CEO.

To add some context, this was not an easy speech to deliver. Tasked with a challenging partially unionized audience, the group was split, they fostered a lot of animosity towards each other and seemed to have opposing goals. 

If the CEO catered to one side, the other side would be unhappy.

In a masterful presentation, instead of highlighting what made the group different, he emphasized what brought them together. Salaried and unionized employees alike resonated with the message. 


Everyone in the room shared the same values and goals to further the aerospace industry and to keep their jobs. They held to the idea that acting as one congruent team allowed them to have gainful, long-term employment, despite restructuring. 

To deliver a motivational speech to a split group, balance the different needs of the audience and more importantly bring them together under a common goal. 

Focusing the crowd on a broader vision teases out the higher side of humanity. 

Next, recognize the challenges the group faces. Never gloss over reality and the challenges the audience faces. This will only create distrust. However, a leader's role is to inspire hope, not to wallow in our challenges and bring everyone down. 

Finally, layer the remaining message with data and anecdotes of what works and is going well. 

This positive message helps navigate a challenging future. Ultimately you want to spread hope and enthusiasm and quiet fears. 

Elements of a motivational speech to a split group: 

Look for commonality that brings the sides together 

Ground the conversation on common goals

Focus on larger contribution

Highlight and balance each side

Recognize the challenges

Praise progress and what works

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