How to Write a Call for Speakers

motivational speaker for franchiserIt's that time a year again, where I typically fill out a lot of Call for Speakers Proposals.

These necessary rituals help me be hired as a funny motivational speaker at upcoming conferences.

I have filled out some really good Call for Speaker Proposals and some that are not as well designed and leave out some critical information. 

Below are some of the key elements to include in a Call for Speakers:

Clearly list speaker benefits in advance, Do speakers get paid? Do they pay for registration, etc?

The Call for Speakers is open until ( insert deadline), Apply online at ( insert URL) or fill out the attached word document. Speaker selection will be announced by ( insert date).

For Breakout Speakers- Submissions are usually broken into Tracks, What Track does your speech best fit? ( some examples- leadership, technology, etc)


Contact information: Phone, Email, Address, website, etc

Speaker Bio: ( limit 100 words)

Session Type: General Session Motivational Keynote Speaker, Pre- Conference Session, half day Workshop, 90 Minute Break Out Session, Closing Keynote Motivational Speaker... etc.

Audience Experience Level:

Topic Title: ( Maximum 20 Words) Catchy titles are good, just make sure they speak to the content.

Session Abstract/ Description( Maximum 150 Words)

4 Session Objectives ( What will attendees learn?) Answer the question... You will leave this session with...

Delivery: How will you teach these objectives? ( ie- Lecture, analogy, simulation, audience participation, Role Play, etc)

Why is this topic important to this audience?

How will you tie your speech content to our theme?

AV Requirements: ( Powerpoint, microphone, comfort screen, etc)

- Previous speaking references and contact information

- What size of audience are you comfortable speaking?

- Attach Sample Speaking Videos

Find out how to introduce a funny motivational speaker

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