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Words have the power to touch you. Words empower you; they impact you; they change you. There is this one quote that has touched me on multiple levels, and I would like to Share it with you;

"The measure of a life is not what that life accomplishes, but rather the impact that life has on others."

Jackie Robinson

As individuals, we take so many things for granted, and we do it without realizing it. However, the most ignored and under-appreciated subjects that go on in our lives are people. It's not that we ignore them or don't pay attention to them intentionally, it's just that we forget to remind them that they matter. But there is nothing worse than that. According to an article in INC. to help people feel like they matter we have to really listen to them

Imagine you being stuck in such an awkward situation, and there is no one to help you, support you, or hold you while you are trying to pull yourself together. After getting out of the situation, your first thought will always be 'I WAS ALONE.' And there is no lie, no shame in accepting this reality check that we have all been through these situations with the same thoughts. But do you think that it is fair? That you think of how bad you felt, you complain, and you end up doing the same thing.

When I look back at all the people who have influenced me, I realize that their accomplishments or their expertise did not inspire me. It was their guidance, their words, their sincere belief, and their very existence that screamed, "I AM HERE." through their words and their actions that made me feel like I mattered.

Ask most people what they want out of their lives, and the answer is pretty simple. 'To be happy, to feel validated, to be appreciated.' Every single person that you come across shares this universal desire, and that includes you and me. Everyone wants to know that they are valued. When you ask people to name the most charming individuals, and instead of hearing how beautiful the person is, you will listen to stories about how they make other people feel better.

So, how do you do that? How do you make people feel better about themselves? Here, I have listed for you a few ways that can help you.


It's time to make time for people. Even though you might always be in touch with them, but sometimes, people feel the need to be reminded that you are physically there for them as well. So, take some time out and catch up on stuff. A change in the environment is healthy anyways. Huffington Post shares these 10 specific ways to show people they matter


Okay, here's the thing. Actions do speak louder than words, but it's the words that captivate your heart, the mind, and it is words that make people feel that they matter. As a female motivational speaker, I have seen words transform audiences. When someone is suffering, make sure that when you talk, you whisper. Tell them that you are proud of them, that they are equally as important as anyone else, that you will always be there for them. Small reminders help people in gathering their strength, it builds their courage, and sometimes your words might be all they need to continue their lives.


Sometimes, all everyone need is an ear to listen. Somebody who is just there while they lift themselves again. If you feel like someone close to you is having a hard time, try to be just there for them. Listen to their rants, hold them while they cry and when they need it, be their voice. How much you pay attention to their conversations make people feel like they do matter and that they are not alone.

I hope I have said this much that makes you understand why people need appreciation in the first place. For me, I think it is essential to take the time to tell people that they matter and how much you appreciate their existence while they can still hear you.


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