How to Hire High Performing Sales Professionals

funny motivational speakerMaster motivational sales speaker, the late Chet Holmes has solid ideas on how to hire the right salespeople.

Chet suggests only hiring high performers. He argues only top performers will have the fortitude and willpower to last.

He interviews 55 people for any sales job and rejects 90 percent of the candidates in the first 30 seconds.

He asks candidates the question, why would we want to hire you?
Most people provide glib answers like I like people, I love sales, If I believe in your product I can sell it

From these responses, Chet informs the candidate they are not a top producer and not a good fit. Most people shrug their shoulders, stomach the rejection, thank him for his time and walk away.

Chet says if you have a Top producer, you can’t convince them they are not a top producer. They know their worth and won’t take rejection. Instead, they fight for their spot.

The Psychological profile of top performers is seen in how they handle rejection with persistence. They believe in themselves (even if they have no reason to). Rejection slides off of them and it inspires them to find another approach.

Like all good salespeople, they are resilient and never give up.

These little tests woven through a job interview help weed out the people who won't thrive on the job. 

Regardless of your target market you only appeal to 3% of your market at any given time. Chet suggests using market data rather than product data to set yourself apart and appeal to your prospect. This way you position yourself as an expert in the eyes of your client

Thus, researching a potential sales candidate, find out what depth they know about the industry. Have them sell you on the industry, if they can, you have a winner!


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