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How to Hire an After Dinner Speaker

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, May 11, 2016 @ 10:21 AM

funny guest speakerSpeaking after dinner can be a challenging spot on the agenda.

Most dinner events include alcohol, so people's attention spans are questionable. Also, alcohol can make attendees fidgety and loose lipped, so heckling the motivational speaker becomes an interesting way to be involved.

After people have eaten dinner, there bellies are full and most of their blood flow goes from their brain ( where they focus and listen) and gets diverted to their gut ( for digestion). Thus, audiences tend to be more lethergic.

Dinner venues also tend to have longer agendas ( introducing a board of directors or awards ceremony) that can drag on, leaving the after dinner speaker to speak late on the agenda.

As a result of the combination of alcohol, food and timing; when hiring an after dinner speaker; consider the following-

An after dinner motivational speaker should be:

-high energy and engaging

-interactive if possible

-funny, as humor keeps people engaged

- able to handle audience heckling

-know the audience well

-not stuck to a podium but able to weave through the crowd

- prepared to speak without powerpoint- unless it's utilizing photos that support the message

Some examples of good after dinner speakers I have seen are:

Motivational speakers who weave in an interactive magic routine

Funny Motivational Speakers or Comedians

Motivational speakers with a very uplifting, inspiring story


Motivational Sports Speaker

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