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How to Handle Conference Speaker AV Disasters

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Apr 21, 2016 @ 02:04 PM

motivational speaker powerpointRecently, I was a motivational speaker for a transportation conference. Half way through his speech, one of the other guest speakers powerpoint  refused to cooperate.

Half way through his speech, the computer powered down, leaving the guest speaker stumbling to figure out what to say next.

He spent about 30 minutes fumbling around with his laptop (microsoft windows needed to install a much needed update) and finally just thanked the audience for being patient and ended the workshop early. Clearly, he needed the powerpoint as reference for his speech.

To avoid this happening again, several things could be done:

  • The guest speaker should have physical notes in case the technology goes haywire.
  • The meeting planner and/or AV company could check every break out/ workshop session to make sure the powerpoint is set up, the laptops are all plugged in or powered up.
  • Have back up laptops available, with all powerpoint presentations loaded, just in case.
  • Do a run through in advance of the presentation to make sure the technology is working. Check to make sure all updates (ie -windows updates) are completed or turned off.
  • Turn off all notifications ( ie- posts on facebook, email, etc)
  • Make sure only the powerpoint is open on the laptop, close out all other programs.

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