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How to Create a Learning Culture at Work

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Aug 31, 2015 @ 12:35 PM

How you go about the matter of your work makes the work matter.

Studies show knowledge learned in college becomes obsolete in 3-5 years. Thus, the learning doesn't stop in college. To help keep our employees relevant, they also have to be on a quest to continually learn.

The challenge is people today are saturated with information that flies at them from every direction. Today, Information is a commodity and carries very little value.

Organizations struggle to get people to learn and grow. In fact, many leaders will be flattered just to keep an employees attention. Attention spans today hover as low as 9 seconds or less. Create a learning culture at work to motivate employees to continually learn and grow.

As a motivational speaker I have to get and keep an audiences attention, below are some things I rely on...

Remember, not all learning is created equal.

Adults learn by comparing and creating context. Draw on people's experience and what they already know. Create a compelling argument that links to group experience to help learners understand why information is relevant and important.

Mix information up. Use a variety of methods to keep pulling people back into the learning. I use humor, comedy, stories, analogy, and interaction to keep people focused.  Some speakers use visuals like powerpoint to break up content.

Learning from mistakes is usually the best way to learn. Framing content around errors, mistakes and losses can show people immediately relevance. The bonus is conflict around what could go wrong is often very funny. Use this humor to keep people engaged.

Keep in mind the 4 learning styles and cater the message to each style.

Make people accountable to follow up and use the learning.

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