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How to Bounce Back from Rejection

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jul 13, 2016 @ 11:03 AM

funny motivational speakerIt's tough to feel good when other people talk bad about, or exclude you. The more confident and self assured you are though, the less likely you are going to feel the sting of rejection. When our value or significance hangs on the assurances of others, our self esteem can easily go to mush.

Your thought process may demonize your ability to recover from rejection, so here are some ways to keep it in check:

Assume it's not personal. The person may be having a bad day or excluding you may be an oversight. If people talk negatively about you or try to underscore your performance, balance this with positive aspects of your performance.

Check the message you are giving off to others. If you are guarded and closed off, people may take the cue that you are uninterested in connection. Thus, you may be excluded because others may think this is your preference.

Open up, let your guard down and socialize with others.

Crowd out negative thoughts and replace them with ideas on how you can positively contribute to others. Something we can always control is our thoughts, it takes effort but eventually a positive spirit will engage others and push you into more positive experiences.

Rejection can remain with us years after the event and pepper our thoughts with doubt. Use these tips to change the way you perceive rejection and protect you vitality.


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