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Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Nov 01, 2016 @ 10:47 AM

funny motivational speakersIt takes courage to be happy. It's not hard to be a whining pile of flesh, who moans to get others attention. 

In today's twitter world, people think they can and should have everything, and they are not willing to work for it. It should come easy, or it's value drops. 

Yet, anything really worthwhile- friendships, meaningful work, volunteer opportunities, kids- all take time, effort and work to cultivate.

New possessions and objects make us temporarily happy and yet our happiness overall will flatline. In this time starved, distracted world, we need simple tried and true things that really create happiness, some these are listed below:

Choose Optimism and Gratitude. No matter how much you have, be grateful for it. Spend time appreciating your home, your children, your work and your friendships. These relationships will flourish and grow.

Spend time with people you love( or even just like). Studies on happiness show,  the more connected relationships you have, the more fulfilled you are. In fact, the more you spend time with others ( versus being alone), the more happy you will be.

Smile. Now your brain is instantly thinking, I think we are happy. Eventually, your body will catch up. The more routinely you smile, the happier you will be because smiling releases endorphins that make you happy.

Funny Motivational Speaker Resources to Boost Happiness.

Slow Down: Today, people want have more with less effort,  and they are constantly in motion. This causes a hightened, constant stress level that drives more and more stress. Stop this vicious cycle by taking time to slow down and breathe. 

Strive to be a Healthy Eater and Exercise Often. Diet and exercise maintain good health, without your health, your quality of life will slowly decline. 


Funny Motivational Speaker Resources to Boost Happiness.

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