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Boost Happiness, Consequences of the Wandering Mind

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Oct 03, 2016 @ 04:30 PM

funny motivational speaker distractionWe spend at least 30 percent of the day thinking about something other than what we are currently doing. Ted talk guest speaker, Frank Hollingsworth, suggests happiness declines when our mind wanders.

However, if a wandering mind is so popular, it must be useful.

The ability to think about something other then what you are doing- allows you to plan, reason, even control your moods. If what you are doing isn't interesting, you can always enter into an alternative world that's more entertaining.

However, it depends on what your mind is wandering on. If your thoughts are wrapped up in placing blame, angry memories, or plotting for revenge, happiness will decline.

Positive, optimistic thoughts have the potential to boost someone up, release endorphins and give you energy.

Mind wondering is often a cause of unhappiness, not a consequence. Because most of the time when our mind wanders it thinks about agendas, dilemmas and conflict.

Most people are happier when you are in the moment and not thinking about something else.

The Lesson?

Periodically notice when your attention strays, and gently pull it back to the moment.

Laughing immediately releases endorphins, creates a mind- body connection, and puts you in the present moment. This instantly decreases stress and boosts happiness!

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