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Health and Wellness: Eat Well Live Well

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Oct 16, 2013 @ 07:37 AM

motivational speaker for womenTrolling the isles of the grocery store is nowhere near as fun as it used to be. Since I started eating healthy, I stick to the perimeters of the store and skip the middle isles all together.

Embedded in the middle aisles are the evil processed foods, crackers, cereals, cookies. All things produced with loads of sodium, sugar and hundreds of other unpronounceable preservatives.

Around the outskirts of the store are the the healthy fresh, bland, boring vegetables, followed by the dairy aisle, eggs and fresh baked bread.

I look longingly at the frosted lucky charms while I grudgingly snatch a pile of kale.

In February of this year I was an inspirational speaker for the American heart association go red for women events.  The nutrition guest speakers explained how evil processed foods contribute to heart disease and a slew of other health ailments.

Fresh, whole unprocessed foods are loaded with powerful antioxidants that guard against heart disease and build health and wellness.

Since starting this new healthy diet I feel much more energetic and my grocery bill is much higher eating fresh foods. I am also in deep need to figure out how to make bland broccoli exciting.

Now when I eat a lot of carbs or any processed foods I feel sluggish and tired- I know that healthy eating works.
Since touring with the Go Red for Women Events, I have heard many guest speakers talk about the virtues of proper eating. These motivational speeches always remind me to stay focused on eating well.

See our blog, Inspirational speaker for go red for women events.

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