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Flushing out Confusion: Life Balance and Doing what Matters Most

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jun 17, 2013 @ 01:07 PM

motivational keynote speakerYou can do anything you want, but not everything.
—William Ray Rippy

Life Balance

There’s still a gap—sometimes an enormous gap—between what we say matters most and the way we actually spend our time and money.

If you want to get an idea of how significant this gap may be in your own life, just take a minute and pull out your planner or calendar. Pull out your checkbook or credit card statement. Look at where you’ve spent your time and money over the past few weeks. Do those spending decisions really reflect the things that matter most to you?

As a motivational keynote speaker I sometimes ask audiences to do this and for many people, unfortunately, the answer to that question is “No” . . . and the consequences are evident in their lives.

 We’ve seen others who give “lip service” to values such as family strength and financial independence, but then go out and spend in unplanned ways that create huge indebtedness and strain relationships in the process.

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Thus, wisdom is vital in making our choices, not only in long-range planning and goal setting, but also and especially in daily “decision moments”— moments that test our integrity, expand our awareness, challenge our thinking, threaten to divert us from our predetermined path, or open doors to unanticipated opportunity.  In any decision moment, we cannot “not” decide. Indecision is decision. Life moves on. Consequences happen. Having the judgment to make good choices daily is what empowers us with the ongoing capacity to weave work, family, money, and time into a satisfying balance.

When you’re operating out of assumptions and paradigms that are incomplete, inaccurate, or distorted, there is no way to get maximum quality results. Align your expectations with reality—with the way things really are—and with the timeless and universal principles that create the positive results you want to achieve.

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 Most of the time, we’re not observers. We are participants.  We are in real-life situations in which our own attitudes and behaviors often result from some unrecognized, incorrect, or incomplete thinking pattern. In these situations, we don’t find it so easy to laugh. We live with the pain and the frustration of misjudgment, often never making it to that final scene where we discover the basic assumptions that were wrong all along.

Many years ago I watched a very motivational keynote speaker, Anthony Robbins deliver his motivational speech about life balance. His compelling story suggested that he, motivational life balance speaker and man of great means was unable to maintain balance in his life! If he couldn't do it what luck did us mear mortals have?

To make a decision, consider these steps:

Consider your options

Weigh the outcomes

Check your intuition

Make a choice

Evaluate your decision

The power of play

Play is valuable because it brings about whole brain thinking and balances your perspective. Using the logical left brain and creative right brain together enables you to see the big picture. In the book IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE the authors state, "Success is a function of one's ability to innovate, which in turn is a function not of one's capacity for focused, analytical logic - but freewheeling flights of fancy." This is the kind of thinking people indulge in when they think humorously.

Motivational speeches about fun at work.

Some people say, “I'll play when I feel better” but more likely you'll feel better when you play.

Roger Von Oech, author of the book A WHACK ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD has this view: "If necessity is the mother of invention, play is the father. It's when you're not taking yourself seriously that your defenses are down, your mental locks are loosened, and there is little concern with the rules, or being wrong."

Another perspective on the value of play comes from Dr. George Sheehan: "We need play to leaven what we do. Without play, work is labor; it is doing something for money. But if we have work that's play then we have beaten the system."


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