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Health & Wellness Motivational Speaker Jillian Michaels

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Apr 08, 2013 @ 01:02 PM

health and wellness motivational speakerLast night I was in the audience as health and wellness guru and motivational speaker Jillian Michaels give her motivational speech Maximize Your Life as part of her tour across North America.

The event took place at the Jubilee auditorium in Calgary, Alberta.

It was a fun night with my mom and my sister, which started with a fabulous meal at the Red Water Grill followed by regretting everything we injested after listening to the energetic motivational speech.

The motivational speaker had a two part message: part one was all the nitty gritty information about food and exercise and part two was about releasing your fears and maximizing your life.

Personally, I enjoyed part one of the motivational speech far better than the second half. In part one, Jillian very quickly went over all the things to eat and avoid. There was mention of gravitating towards fruits and vegetables that are "thick skinned" like oranges and grapefruit, because they don't absorb pesticides as much as less protected varieties.

She talked briefly about how hormones in our foods cause us to gain weight. Apparently, grain fed meat is far better than grass fed. At this point the motivational speaker directed us to her website for more detailed information.

I did go to the website and found that any of this information is availabe only if you sign up for the program and pay.

Part two of her motivational speech was about those things that stop us from achieving our goals. One brave audience participant came up onto the stage for a demonstration. Led by Jillian, she talked about her fears and Jillian helped guide her, suggesting that she is telling her story and she is keeping herself from maximizing her life.

The inspirational speech was full of some good reminders and motivational advice that fell flat for me because I have heard it all before and it just didn't resonate.

Overall, going to see the Health & Wellness Motivational Speaker was a worthwhile experience, although I would have benefitted from more detail and clarification on those pesky hormones and antibiotics that are purported to be killing me slowly.

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