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How to Be Yourself

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Nov 19, 2013 @ 10:14 AM

motivational speakerOne of my pet peeves is when people say, "just be yourself". This is such useless advice. Who else am I going to be? As if being myself requires effort or thought.

Maybe some people have multiple personalities that don't reflect their true nature, but I don't. I also don't know many people who are successful at being something they are not.

I have met people who succumb to peer pressure or model themselves after others. This is often necessary life experience that helps shape who we are.

The whole idea of trying to be yourself leads you away from being yourself.

I also think that people can change, grow and evolve. Who we are is up to us every moment.

I remember an inspirational speaker telling a group a story where Charlie Chaplin entered a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest and he was awarded third place!

Some people appear fake or overly optimistic and they drive me crazy but I would prefer this to bored, apathetic or negative any day.

I think it works like this, if you want to be positive- than be positive. If you are an introvert and want to be more extroverted, than do so. You are still being true to yourself.

Most people are way more resiliant, pliable and flexible than they give themselves credit for.

I personally love the fake it until you make it principle. It basically suggest we can pretend to be whatever we want and eventually our body will catch up. On my path to become an inspirational speaker I used to experience fear of public speaking. My friend and mentor, the Dean of canadian Motivational Speakers, Bill Clennan inspired me to just act like I am confident and powerful on stage, and soon I will be.

I used to visualize standing in front of an audience being a dynamic, confident inspirational speaker. Over time, this is exactly what the experience of public speaking evolved to for me.

If you want to truly be yourself than stop trying, just do it. Feel free to fake it along the way.

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