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Maximize Convention Learning with the Buddy System

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Feb 25, 2013 @ 11:24 AM

motivational keynote speakerI was a motivational keynote speaker for a franchise event recently where one franchisee sent over 15 people from one location to attend the event.

During my motivational speech, these keen audience participants sat together right at the front of the room. They all wore green teeshirts sporting their franchise brand name; when I looked out at the audience I experienced an overwhelming sea of green.

As a keynote speaker, these audience participants made a great tie-in throughout the speech because they were enthusiastic and wanted to be involved. During the speech I asked other conference delegates if they are thinking, Wow, I'd like to work there! Many people raised their hand, just as I expected.

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I asked the group if they regularly attend events and sit together. They confirmed that they do, thanks to  their unique buddy system.  Here is how it works:

  • To attend a franchise event, you must have a buddy you work directly with, someone you like (they choose their buddies so as to continually appreciate them), and someone whose strengths and weaknesses, values and goals will continually support your own.
  • Buddies must attend at least one event together per year.
  • Every event is a shared learning experience. They must set goals before attending, review those learning goals together after the event, then report back to the group what they learned, exploding the benefits of their attendance.
  • Buddies attend alternate franchise guest workshops with concurrent speakers so they don't miss anything (They also collect handouts for each other and summarize learning points.)
  • Buddies like to sit next to or near each other during the general session's motivational keynote speaker because it builds comraderie and gives an opportunity to reinforce team spirit. I often point out highly motivated groups from one organization and make them a part of the motivational speech.  That adds humor to my motivational talk, personalizes it for the group, and reinforces the inspirational talk for everyone.

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