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Leaders Need to have Fun at Work in Times of Uncertainty

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 @ 10:51 AM

inspirational speaker fun at workFun at work should be planned and not left to chance, otherwise it will disappear when times get tough.

Especially during times of uncertainty, people need levity to survive. Instead, what often happens is that the pace becomes more hectic and the approach more brusque.  Leaders who ask, Why can't this uncertainty and change be fun? will rise above personal stress because they have learned to take themselves lightly in chaos. This fun, positive focus will eventually permeate the workplace.

Humor doesn't make the uncertainty go away but it gives you a means to positively cope with uncontrollable chaos. It offers a release and lifts the seriousness of the situation.

A little bit of levity also takes weight of the onus off the individual and puts it onto the situation, a much more positive way to view stress.

Suppressing emotions eventually numbs a person. To release emotion in a healthy way, especially at work, may seem rare because most people either avoid (suppress) conflict or they get angry and retaliate. Finding a positive release is critical to keeping workplace morale high.

It is telling that the word silly derives from the Old English word saelig, which means to be happy and blessed.  It is also worth remembering!

Organizations that playfully catch people in the act of doing good work create engaging workplaces. The more fun (or funny and unexpected) a recognition is, the more memorable it will be. An added bonus is that unexpected, fun recognition intitiatives take the expectation of entitlement away.

When you can playfully engage at work you are building trust and rapport.  Unleashing the playfulness in others starts with matching passion with opportunity.

I was a fun-at-work inspirational speaker for a hospital last month, where one of the participants suggested they have a funny dance they do to spontaneously celebrate achievements. Anyone, anytime, can initiate the dance  and it keeps the workplace fun and lively. The other inspirational speaker presented a motivational talk about having fun at work presented a synopsis of the book, The Zappos Experience.

The motivational talks showed howyou can satisfy more staff and customers with less effort - amd it all revolves around having more fun at work. Read an excerpt of the motivational speaker's Book Here

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